Payal Jindal's Articles en-us Sony XPERIA X1 – Strong Multimedia Tool! Sony XPERIA X1 is the most recent introduction of Sony Ericsson to the mobile world. It boasts of strong multimedia features such as 3.2 mega pixel primary camera, secondary camera, wider display screen, instant messaging and many more. The availability o... 05th June 2009 Sony W995 Silver –An Eye Catching Gadget! Sony W995 Silver retains a compact sliding concept with larger QVGA 250 K colors, well spaced numeric keypad and 8 mega pixel camera. By the introduction of this mobile phone, Sony Ericsson has done really a great job for squeezing all recently launched m... 05th June 2009 Sony Ericsson F305 Black- Stunning Handset! This quad band 2G phone looks stunning in its black case with several buttons situated on the front of panel that allows the users to select the desired menu. Also, the navigation keys situated on the middle of this handset offers a great way to open up t... 05th June 2009 Samsung S5600 – Keep yourself organised The Samsung S5600 is another 3G phone from Samsung, which has an array of built in communication and multimedia features. Following are the features of Samsung S5600: This is a touch screen phone also which is available in a black and solid design... 02nd June 2009 Samsung m7500-Phone for the fashion conscious Samsung m7500 is the top luxury phone that one can buy. It is made by Korean giant Samsung. This phone was designed by Fashion leader Giorgio Armani last year and is also referred by as Samsung Armani m7500. If one wants to keep in touch while also ma... 02nd June 2009 Samsung i900 Purple The Samsung i900 is the new mobile phone launched by Samsung Mobile. It is also called Samsung i900 Omnia. This Window Mobile pocket PC is a very strong competitor to 3G iphone. Key features of Samsung i900 Purple The Samsung i900 is an ambitio... 02nd June 2009 Samsung i8910 HD Some pictures of Samsung i8910 are revealed it is indeed similar to running Nokia S60 5th edition on the symbian OS. This mobile phone is expected to launch after 2009 Mobile World Congress event to be held in Barcelona. The Samsung i8910 HD handset h... 02nd June 2009 Samsung i7110 – An outstanding Multimedia tool! Samsung i7110 uses advanced Symbian operating system in appropriate outfit with soul. From the time of its availability in market place, it is scoring high among fashion stakes with high speed Wi-Fi, GPS, 5 mega pixel camera and Symbian OS with latest upd... 02nd June 2009 Samsung i7110 Samsung i7110 is the successor to the Samsung i550 symbian smart phone. Although this phone has not been officially announced as yet but some details have been slipped by. Samsung i7110 brings lots of novelties in performance. One can easily say that ... 02nd June 2009 Nokia E75- Wonderful Smart Phone! Nokia E75 is the most elegant handset created by Nokia and has excellent features. Nokia E75 is a WCDMA/GSM business handset that supports EGSM, WLAN and HSDPA/WCDMA. On sliding the unit on one side, a QWERTY keyboard is revealed that offers an optim... 01st June 2009 Nokia E71 – A business Phone! Nokia E71 is truly optimized to messaging services with full QWERTY keyboard and features two primary home screen modes that are customizable. Targeted at business users, it features some very useful business applications that help them to organize th... 01st June 2009 Nokia 6120- Magnificent Mobile Phone! Now-a-days, more and more users are making use of their handsets for tasks like net surfing, sending or receiving mails, music listening and video streaming. The new, Nokia 6120 makes all these tasks much easier or faster by utilizing the evolutionary tec... 30th May 2009 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – a phone and a computer as well Do you want to be able to do many of the things you can do on the computer just about everywhere? Than this is the phone for you. Carry most of your data in your pocket. Know that anytime, anyplace you can change that data. It's that simple. This phon... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 – a phone with tons of features This phone is an excellent choice for the person who likes to write a lot. Just like you write at home on your computer you can write on the street or in the bus. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 mobile phone has tones of excellent features. Some make writ... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W715 – a phone with everything This mobile phone has tons of features. The most interesting thing is that despite its big display, the memory that it has and the features it's quite small. It doesn't weigh that much and you can fit it into just about every pocket. All and all it's ... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W715 – modern and smart Do you like to have something to entertain you anywhere you go? Want to throw those boring moments out the window? Then get the Sony Ericsson W715 and worry no more about being bored. Get accommodated with it and enjoy its various features that help y... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W715 – a phone with lots of brains This is a great phone that has lots of features. The great thing is that it's actually quite small for all the things that it can do. You won't go wrong if you buy this phone. It can help you in many ways. Not to mention it can entertain you as well. ... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W705 – A handy companion The Sony Ericsson W705 is a beautiful looking, 3G music phone to be available this coming March 2009. It comes with a slide opening casing which is available in red and silver colours. It is a very light phone to carry weighing only 98 grams, with a... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W508 – good looking and useful Would you buy a phone for its looks? For its ability to take good quality pictures? For its mp3 player feature? Why not buy a phone that can do all of these things. The Sony Ericsson W508 mobile phone has many features that can help you in many ways o... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W508 – easy and with lots of features This is not just a phone. It is something to relax you. It's a camera to capture funny moments from your life. It's an organizer. It's a walkman. Yes, the Sony Ericsson has many features that can come to your aid in different situations. This wonderfu... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson W508 – simple and useful This mobile phone can offer you many good features that can help you in your everyday activities. It's a simple phone. It is very easy to use and it has various features that you can use to relax or organize your day. The Sony Ericsson W508 is also qu... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson T700 – A functional phone The Sony Ericsson T700 is a classic looking designed phone, which comes with a casing available in three colours: silver, black and red. The Sony Ericsson T700 has a square shaped navigation control and square shaped short cut keys. At the bottom of t... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson Idou – Your perfect travel companion The Sony Ericsson Idou is a 3G phone that comes with an incredible 12.1 megapixel built in camera, that will be released this third quarter of 2009. The Sony Ericsson Idou measures 111millimetres deep by 54millimetres height by 15millimetres wide. ... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson Idou --- DIGITAL CAMERA AND PHONE IN ONE! The Sony Ericsson Idou is a 3G phone that comes with high quality multimedia and call features. This handset is only available in black casing, however the front part of the phone is occupied by its large touch screen. The touch screen measures 3.5 ... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson Idou Vs Nokia N97: 12-Megapixel Camera Making Your Choice Easy Among a number of mobile phones, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right mobile as all mobile companies launch their handsets keeping the need and requirements of users in mind. And it becomes even tougher when it comes to Sony Ericsson Idou an... 15th April 2009 Sony Ericsson C901 – a phone for every desire The Sony Ericsson C901 is a mobile phone that you can depend on because it will never let you down. You will have a great time when you have this phone with you. It can be a traveller's best friend, because it has many features to make your trips fun. The... 14th April 2009 Samsung S9402: A Phone with Great Features The Samsung S9402 mobile phone is a phone that has many wonderful aspects. It looks great, it's resistant, it has lots of features, it's easy to use and carry. Many phones focus on just some aspects, but the Samsung S9402 focuses on many aspects and featu... 14th April 2009 Samsung S7330 – it has looks and smarts There's one thing about the Samsung S7330 mobile phone you can be really sure of. And that's that it will never let you down. It will always satisfy your needs. The Samsung S7330 phone is really easy to use. Its looks are very modern. It has a nice slider... 14th April 2009 Samsung S7330 : A Great Looking Slider Phone Do you want a phone that looks good and has lots of interesting features? The Samsung S7330 is the phone for you. It's a great looking phone with a slider. It has many features that you may find useful. It has a good camera, an mp3 and video player and ma... 14th April 2009 Samsung Omnia i8910 HD – For business or entertainment The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD is also known as the Samsung INNOV8. It is a sleek and elegant 3G phone with a black coloured casing. Here is the analysis of its features: The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD has a slide opening which enables the user to open the p... 14th April 2009 Samsung M8800 – a phone above excellence The Samsung M8800 is another 3G phone by Samsung. This handset is a touch screen phone with high quality imaging features. The Samsung M8800 is also known as the Bresson. The Samsung M8800 offers its users a huge display, which makes viewing of pho... 14th April 2009 Samsung M8800 – a phone with awesome aspects The Samsung M8800 is the mobile phone for you. It doesn't matter if you are just starting high school or if you are a business man. The Samsung M8800 mobile phone can be a great asset. You can do many things with it and enjoy your days much better. You ca... 14th April 2009 Samsung M7500: For Those Who Love Phone with Beauty It goes without saying that Samsung M7500 has oodles of interesting and useful features. By dint of this mobile phone, the users can easily view data and documents or make use of voice memo to record their thoughts. Additionally, it has an organizer featu... 14th April 2009 Samsung M7500 – elegant with excellent features The Samsung M7500 is an excellent 3G mobile phone. It's a phone that has both looks and smarts. It's slim and elegant with a modern look. It has lots of excellent features that are there for your entertainment and to help you. You will really get a kick f... 14th April 2009 Samsung M7500 – beautiful and useful Ever wanted a phone that looks good and has brilliant features? The Samsung M7500 mobile phone is one of those phones that won't let you down. It's an excellent 3G phone that offers you a wide range of features and great quality aspects which you can enjo... 14th April 2009 Samsung M7500 – a great looking 3G phone The Samsung M7500 is a beautiful looking phone. It doesn't have just looks. Beneath that beautiful design you can find wonderful features that can help you a lot in your daily activities. The Samsung M7500 mobile phone will suit any type of person. You ca... 14th April 2009 Samsung i8910 vs Samsung i8510: Both Boasting Superb Features Among all the leading manufactures of mobile, Samsung is one that has launched a number of mobile phones to compete with other reputed brands. In its efforts to give good business tussle to other top notch brands, Samsung has come up with Samsung i8910 an... 14th April 2009 Samsung i8910 Omnia HD – For great photographs The Samsung Omnia i8910 HD is the latest 3G phone from Samsung, which will be released by the second quarter of 2009. It is a touch screen phone with an incredible 3.7 inch display, with a resolution of 360 pixels by 640 pixels. The Samsung Omnia ... 14th April 2009 Samsung i7110: Enriching Your Mood with Fun and Functionality The Samsung i7110 mobile phone is a phone that will attract you both in terms of look and quality features. As it offers 5 MP Camera, you can easily capture your memorable and funny moments of your precious life. Samsung i7110 will offer you the relaxing ... 14th April 2009 Samsung i900 – Combining style and function The Samsung i900is a newly released mobile phone by Samsung. The Samsung i900 is a touch screen 3G phone which provides its user high class imaging, business and communication feature. This mobile phone is available in metallic silver and black coloured ... 14th April 2009 Nokia 6700 – a great phone to have in your pocket Like most mobile phones from Nokia, the Nokia 6700 is a very interesting mobile phone. It comes with various great features that will make your day better. The Nokia 6700 incorporates a great look, with a large number of features for your amusement, makin... 14th April 2009 Nokia 6303 Classic: A Smart Choice The Nokia 6303 Classic handset has quite the distinct look that makes it stand out in the crowd. Its design is not one that we often see. Surely it is something different. However, as a matter fact, this particular design may not be liked by everybody. Fo... 14th April 2009 Nokia 6120 Classic : A Multi-Featured Classic Up until now Nokia has had a wide variety of handsets in the market. These handsets vary, fulfilling the different needs of different kinds of users. The Nokia 6120 Classic is one of these handsets, which is targeted to a specific kind of customer. It off... 14th April 2009 Nokia 6120 Classic: For the professional The Nokia 6120 handset is bar style handset. When talking about its features, we may say that it is a decent phone, delivering a blend of multimedia features and connectivity options. This mobile phone offers a good quality camera and internet features. A... 14th April 2009 Nokia 5630 Offers Interesting Multimedia Features The Nokia 5630 handset belongs to the company's Xpressmusic series. The Xpressmusic series is dedicated to music lovers, and offers a variety of music oriented features. The slim music handset comes with dedicated music and camera keys. These keys lead di... 14th April 2009