Cherry001's Articles en-us Hobart Welder Reviews Regarding the Products of the Company The reviews based on Hobart are very positive and inform us that the company makes a real good variety of MIG welders and the products offered by the company are par excellence. With a motto of "The ability to change your world", the company maintains a ... 08th February 2010 Trend Setter Create the Latest Clip Earrings The all credit of the latest and modern designs that is available is goes only to the trend setter companies. There are huge varieties of earrings also available in the market which may be more stylish but surly not in comfort. This type of earrings promi... 08th January 2010 Gift your Ears Fashion Jewelry - Clip Earrings Earrings have been an essential part of the jewelleries. Women have treasured and used earrings as an important part of their embellishments. It's been a tradition to pass time-honoured jewelleries from one generation to the other. Sometimes people want ... 07th January 2010 How to Care for Your Personalized Bracelet People generally make their loved ones feel special buy gifting those different things but personalized bracelets are considered to be the best ones to make your loved ones feel special. This can make lot of heads turning towards the one who is wearing th... 17th December 2009 Deck Out Your Denim With CZ Jewelry Invited to a holiday party and have no idea what to wear? The little black cocktail dress is always a safe bet, but this year, fashion is a lot more fun and free spirited. After all, not every event is a black tie affair, and with so many cutbacks on expe... 11th December 2009 Bracelets - Satiating the Quest of Beauty The urge to enhance our physical appearance with jewelry is timeless. Every possible part of our body is adorned with jewelry, be it ear rings for the ears, anklets for the ankles or neckpieces for the necks. We do it not only to enhance physical beauty b... 06th November 2009 Bracelets Update your Style Instantly Have you ever heard the saying that the accessories make the outfit? Well, it's absolutely true. They are the icing on the cake, and quite possibly the easiest way to refresh an outfit. Bracelets can be fun and playful. They can be ornate and decadent. Th... 30th October 2009 Cluster Bracelet - Fashion Trends Sometimes what you need to do is to add a great bracelet that will focus people's attention and balance your look. With so many different choices, it's sometimes hard to narrow it down. Sure, you can always throw on an armful of a tennis bracelet or a ban... 19th October 2009 The Best Bracelets for Every Sleeve Length For summer, it's easy to throw on an armload of bracelets with a favorite tank top, sundress or sheath. For fall, it's a little more complicated to find the perfect bracelets to pair with sweaters, blazers and tunics that have different sleeve lengths, ma... 31st August 2009 How to Wear Bracelets to the Office There's no doubt that bangle bracelets are high on our list of must-have fashion jewelry for fall. These bracelets make the perfect accessory for so many outfits, and it's hard to know where to draw the line. However, with the help of our panel of style e... 28th August 2009 Fall's Jewelry with Fabulous Colors With the runway shows for the up and coming fall season complete, we can now take a step back and look at some of the biggest trends in color. It's not just about seeing these tones in the form of apparel separates and evening gowns; it carries over to wh... 23rd August 2009 The New Cuff Bracelets Cuff bracelets are fashionable, versatile and a great investment for the upcoming season. Designers recently flooded the runways with cuff bracelet options in just about every material and design you can imagine. The hottest trends of the moment are brace... 19th August 2009 How to Mix and Match Bracelets This season, style setters from coast to coast are mixing it up by piling on bunches of bracelets. They are being used to create individual style statements and unique expressions of personality. What's interesting is that there are no rules that dictate ... 13th August 2009 Leather Bracelets are Making their Comeback Today Do you want to buy a great gift for the man in your life, whether it's for your brother or your boyfriend, you can take leather bracelets into consideration, because it is a perfet everyday accessory. Leather bracelets are so affordable, and they are ... 17th July 2009 Dita Von Teese's Fashion Jewelry Style Dita Von Teese is everyone's favorite pin-up girl, she is well known for signature rockabilly style paired with high-end fashion and glamour. A throwback to the 50s era, Dita is usually seen rocking fire engine red lips and vintage inspired frocks. But sh... 16th July 2009 Top Ten Necklace Trends for Summer 2009 Summer is officially here, and with all the events of the upcoming season, you're sure to want to dress to impress. One of the easiest ways to create different outfits is to change up your accessories, especially with necklaces that make a statement and s... 28th June 2009 Hues of Blue: Jewelry for Summer When you think of summer, you probably conjure up images of hot days, BBQs, and of course, the beach. Summer is a perfect time for pool side lounging, and it's all about being surrounded by water and cool elements that allude to relaxation. The beautiful ... 16th June 2009 Summer Jewelry Trends Wondering what the hottest summer jewelry trends are for the '09 season? This year, it's all about bold, bright and beautiful pieces that will make a fashionable statement day or night. Check out some of the top finds and what type of outfits will complim... 15th June 2009 How to Wear Bold Jewelry Right Now Sure, it's easy to wear bold chunky jewelry when it's cold outside, but what about as it warms up? What's acceptable and what should be stored? What are a few great pieces that will update my wardrobe and not break the bank? We explore the answers to thes... 13th June 2009 Beautiful Bow Tie Jewelry Now, you don't have to wait for a black-tie event to don a beautiful bow tie. You can easily wear bow tie shaped jewelry with any outfit - day or night. Here are some great ideas for incorporating the look into your closet: Casual - A simple sterling s... 12th June 2009 Jennifer Garner: Mother Style we Love We're always on the look out for moms that are just like us. Jennifer Garner is a mom whose style we absolutely love. She's casual chic (and practical) while running around town, and she looks great on the red carpet. We especially love how she accents he... 10th June 2009 American Idol Jewelry Style One of the top shows on TV continues to be the addictive reality of American Idol. Each week millions tune in to hear the top contestants belt out their song choices and work the stage as a performer. Part of that marketability that the judges are seeking... 09th June 2009 The Hills Girls' Jewelry Style The ever-popular MTV show, The Hills, has made quite an impact on teenage girls and young fashionistas across the country. The stars of The Hills are ones to watch both on-screen and off. With their laid back cool Southern California style to their clubbi... 06th June 2009 Copy the Jewelry Style of your Favorite Twilight Character After the first Twilight movie phenomenon and with another one on the way, we just can't get enough of what our favorite characters are wearing both on and off screen. From their signature rings and bracelets to pieces inspired by the scene-stealing actor... 06th June 2009 Bracelet Trends for This Summer This season, update your look by taking advantage of new up-and-coming bracelet styles that offer high impact style for just a fraction of the cost of a new wardrobe. 1) Big bold bracelets continue to dominate the style scene this summer. Chunky beads,... 05th June 2009 Jen's Jewels: A look at Jennifer Aniston's Signature Style One of the most followed stars on the planet, Jennifer Aniston has graced the covers of numerous magazines and is responsible for some of the hottest trends on the list of must haves. Jen's signature style may look effortless, but her look is always pull... 04th June 2009 Jewelry that Will Make You Feel like a Queen These days, every woman needs a little pampering. But, you don't have to blow your paycheck on a pricey piece of jewelry that will keep you current with today's trends. Instead, opt for fun costume jewelry pieces that would make even Cleopatra jealous. ... 01st June 2009 Exotic Jewelry for Everyday Looks Some of the favorite looks for warm weather include neutral fabrics and earthly materials. These pieces make for a great base with which to pair colorful exotic-inspired jewelry. From chunky cuffs to natural cut stones, there's something for everyone on t... 29th May 2009 Wedding bracelets On the most important day of your life, you'll want to make sure that you look your absolute best. From your pedicure to your gown to your jewelry, the finished look should look like a million bucks. With so many decisions to make, we decided to put toget... 15th May 2009 The key to Wearing Bracelets Happen to notice that your favorite celeb is walking around town with an armful of bracelets? It's hard not to notice when there's 5, 10, 15 or more bangles, beaded numbers and cuffs on their arm. Not only has this trend taken off casually, now, it's star... 14th May 2009 Men's Jewelry Breaks the Boundaries If you thought that only Hollywood's leading ladies are staying on-top of the latest and greatest jewelry trends, then think again. From Gavin Rossdale and P. Diddy to Chris Angel and the Jonas Brothers, male celebs are rocking the bling on and off the re... 12th May 2009 Grow your Floral Jewelry Collection this Spring The beautiful bright flowers of Spring are in full bloom with floral jewelry following suit and imitating nature's lovely hues. Flower jewelry is a great way to work the trend into your wardrobe and instantly update darker colors. No matter what your styl... 05th May 2009