Gopal Dey's Articles en-us Artifacts Are Just the Replica of Bygone Days Collection of artifact is not a very easy task. In this tough competitive professional era you need to spend a huge amount of time over your collection. Artifacts are the priceless items from the prehistoric era. These are the articles used in the bygone ... 19th November 2010 New Arrivals Update You Knowledge The overwhelming success of online world not only brings smile to the professionals but gives a lot of benefit to the personal interests as well. Various people possess various kinds of hobbies. It is really difficult to gather various materials. You can... 15th November 2010 Different Spheres of Collecting Ancient Art Online Collecting ancient art in various forms is a favourite pastime for a number of people. They love to increase their collection of materials through this innovative idea. Many people love to have a collection of ancient materials just because of the ethnici... 08th November 2010 Ancient Greco-Roman Medical & Surgical Instruments Physicians in the Classical World had access to a variety of medical & surgical instruments that were designed to aid them in their treatment of the sick. Several ancient texts mention the use of surgical tools and instruments used by doctors in antiquity... 23rd September 2010 Ancient Glass History Little is known about the production of glass in the ancient world. One early source, Pliny the Elder (AD 23 - 89), reported the tale of natron (soda) merchants who, when they stopped to prepare a meal, supported their cooking vessels on the beach with bl... 08th September 2010 Ancient Mesopotamia cultural The word "Mesopotamia" is in origin a Greek name (mesos ‘middle' and potamos ‘river', so ‘land between the rivers'). The name is used for the area watered by the Euphrates and Tigris and its tributaries, roughly comprising modern Irak and part of Sy... 01st September 2010 Cylinder seals are the only object surviving in quantity over the entire period Cylinder seals were wonderful, small objects that are incised with graphic images and sometimes writings that were the "signature" of dignitaries, officials, and the upper class in the ancient Near East. They are made of hard stones, often black or dark ... 29th August 2010 New York Daily News...!!! New York Daily News is among the most noted names in entire United States of America as far as print media is concerned. With a figure of 632,595, New York Daily News is the fifth most widely circulated daily newspaper in the United States of America. Fou... 14th September 2009 California Political Information California, one of the largest states in Western part of USA is a place, where the two main political parties, the Republicans and Democrats have almost equal presence. The balance of power is so even in the state, that the administration had to go for bi... 29th June 2009 California political campaigns One cannot deny the fact that political campaigns do leave an impact on the election results. In fact, in majority of the cases, the political campaigns actually decide the fate of different parties. No matter what the political parties say to highlight t... 23rd June 2009 California state elections Like all other states in the country, state elections in California is a major political issue. Though the number of elections in California varies by year, the state goes for a gubernational election once in every four years. The state elections in Calif... 15th June 2009 California political news California is among the largest states in the Western part of United States and is a place, which always attract the print and electronic media for its political scenerio. Being a state which is quite evenly divided among the Republicans and democrats, th... 11th June 2009 California politic Located in the western part of the country, California is among the largest states in United States of America and is quite known for its political scenario. Being a state which is almost evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, politics of Calif... 06th June 2009 los angeles recording studo Finding a person who does not like any kind of music is a task ‘next to impossible'. The choice for music varies from person to person but it is something that everyone enjoys. While some people find pleasance in classical music some enjoy listening to ... 20th March 2009