jerrick's Articles en-us Effective Tips That Can Make Your Skin Tone Look Healthier And More Vibrant One of the tell-tale signs of aging skin is a dry and mottled skin tone. If your skin lacks a healthy glow, it definitely means something is amiss in your inner integumentary functions. If you don't do something about it right now, you might find yourself... 28th January 2011 5 Steps In Rejuvenating Your Tired Facial Skin Tired-looking facial skin is a problem that goes deeper. This is your skin's way of telling you that it is not doing well on the inside. You need to perceptive to the needs of your integumentary system in order to maintain radiant skin. One of the mai... 26th January 2011 How To Keep Moisture Locked In Your Skin Your skin can easily lose moisture when you are exposed to external elements. The cold wind and the ultraviolet rays of the sun can quickly strip away lipids as well. Losing inherent skin moisture is one way of speeding up the aging process of the integum... 05th January 2011 Non-Surgical Treatments For Saggy Skin Now Revealed! Your saggy skin need not be treated by surgical treatments. The truth that most skin care companies are withholding from us is that there are natural ways to bring back dermis elasticity. It might take longer for you to see good results but this gradual a... 05th January 2011 How To Have Smooth And Young Looking Hands Your hands are not exempted from the effects of skin aging. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to experience hand wrinkles even before wrinkles appear on their face. The skin on our hands is thinner than the skin found on the other parts of the body... 05th January 2011 Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Your Hands To Avoid Hand Wrinkles Your face is not the only part of your body that succumbs to the aging process. Your hands are also quite susceptible to the appearance of wrinkles. In fact, it is far more susceptible to the aging process because it is constantly exposed to external agin... 05th January 2011 Best Ways To Counteract The Negative Effects Of UV Rays Young people think UV rays only make their skin turn a darker shade. But the effects of UV rays go deeper. They even affect skin functions at a cellular level. The ultraviolet rays of the sun primarily cause instability in melanin production. Melanin ... 05th January 2011 Effective Tips On How To Look Younger You can see the various signs of skin aging as you get older. However, more and more younger people are experiencing premature aging. Because of cumulative exposure to the sun, chronic stress, lack of sleep, improper diet and excessive smoking, the aging ... 05th January 2011 What Is The Best Treatment For Thin Skin? You become more susceptible to thin skin problem if you are constantly exposed to the sun. Frequent usage of chemical peelers like Retinol might also contribute to this problem. As we get older, our skin loses its natural structure and thickness. As a res... 05th January 2011 Top External Influences That Can Make Your Skin Look Older With all the trappings of our personal lives, we usually forget the various external factors that make our skin look older. Most of us tend to forget to take good care of our skin. You should be wary of the following external influences that make your... 05th January 2011 Sure-Fire Ways To Combat Dry Skin Problem When we are exposed to external aging elements, our skin is stripped off its natural moisture and lipids. Hence, this leads to dry skin problem. The fact that we are not getting the nutrition we need daily and we are always stressed out also does not help... 05th January 2011 4 Tips That Can Help You Boost Collagen Production In Your Skin When it comes to the youthful structure and functions of the integumentary system, collagen is indispensable. This is responsible for giving our skin its firm structure. Without an ample supply of this complex protein, our skin will surely lose its origin... 05th January 2011 4 Effective Tips In Keeping Skin Tight And Firm We can't always enjoy firm and tight skin. As we get older, our integumentary system's ability to produce collagen and elastin dwindles. In addition to that, there are numerous external factors that speed up the deterioration of collagen fibers. Indeed, w... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Photodamage When You Are Outdoors We are exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays half the time. But some people really need to spend more time outdoors for work purposes. Protecting your skin from the sun is not just for vanity reasons. You need to ward off ultraviolet rays to prevent skin ... 05th January 2011 How To Stop The Sun From Damaging Your Skin All The Time The warm and sunshiny weather is always a good excuse to go outdoors and have fun. But you cannot get away from the sun unscathed. The UV rays it emits can stress out collagen fibers and can facilitate the excessive production of melanin. Cumulative sun e... 05th January 2011 How To Encourage Skin Renewal To Get Rid Of Facial Wrinkles The top layers of the skin are quite vulnerable to the aging process facilitated by external elements. The sun, for instance, emits UVA and UVB rays that weaken and stress out the collagen fibers of the dermis. About 80% of the wrinkles that usually appea... 05th January 2011 3 Factors That Can Damage Skin And What You Can Do To Avoid Them The skin can easily look old and tired. We are inundated with varying external and internal aging elements. More often than not, we are not even aware of the effects of these elements. The following are some of the factors that can damage your skin: ... 05th January 2011 How To Find The Best Cream For The Skin Around Your Eyes The skin around your eyes is an easy target for the several signs of skin aging. Blame that on its naturally thin dermis layers. It can get easily damaged. Moreover, it is made up of tiny blood vessels that transport blood cells to the brain. If these blo... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Excessive Skin Dryness During Winter The chilly and biting wind of the winter season dehydrates the skin. It is not uncommon to experience parched dermis when the season gets colder. If you don't do something to alleviate dermis dryness right now, your skin will surely succumb to the rapid a... 05th January 2011 How To Fight Intrinsic Aging Factors The causes of skin aging can attack you from all directions. Most of us just protect our skin from external aging elements. But have you ever stopped to consider the debilitating effects of intrinsic aging factors? Intrinsic aging is facilitated by ha... 05th January 2011 How To Make Your Anti Aging Regimen More Effective Some anti aging products can only work for our skin to a certain extent. It will suddenly stop working. While it might be due to the ineffective ingredients incorporated in the product, do not be quick to rule out that it might be caused by improper usage... 05th January 2011 How To Lessen The Appearance Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines Skin aging is an inevitable process our integumentary system has to deal with. As we get older, this system fails to produce the necessary dermis components that maintain the structure of young skin. The amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid pro... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Rapid Skin Aging Caused By Cumulative Sun Exposure Prior to this, did you know that the aging process happens faster when you are exposed to the sun? UV rays can damage collagen fibers and break down vitamin A inherent in the integumentary system. Moreover, radiation also causes a chemical reaction proces... 05th January 2011 Best Herbal Remedies You Can Use To Get Rid Of Pimples Pimples can appear on skin without previous warning. More often than not, we don't even have time to prepare ourselves for their emergence. They are quite damaging to the skin. After the pimples heal, they leave dark marks behind. The appearance of pi... 05th January 2011 5 Secrets In Correcting Photodamage Photodamage pertains to the damages your skin acquires whenever it is exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time. While UV rays are beneficial to our skin, too much exposure to the sun can be very damaging. Ultraviolet rays damage collagen fibers a... 05th January 2011 Your Winning Guide In Having Firmer And More Elastic Skin Our skin is naturally elastic and firm. Thanks to our integumentary system's reliable production of collagen and elastin, we can enjoy firm and beautiful skin. But as we get older, the production of collagen and elastin dwindles. The natural aging pro... 05th January 2011 3 Tips On How To Prevent Saggy Skin Condition Our skin is made up of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These are the three major dermis components responsible for the elastic and resilient nature of our dermis. That being said, the decline of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels will sur... 05th January 2011 3 Extrinsic Aging Factors You Should Avoid To Prolong Young Looking Skin Our skin is constantly exposed to external elements. It is the job of the integumentary system to protect our internal organs from external elements. It is our front liner when it comes to receiving external damages. I am sure you are aware of numerou... 05th January 2011 Make Some Changes In Your Lifestyle To Slow Down Skin Aging Our lifestyle affects the aging process of our skin. That being said, a few crucial changes to your lifestyle can actually help you have young looking skin for a longer period of time. I am sure you would want to look comparatively young looking even when... 05th January 2011 How To Improve Kidney Functions With The Help Of Herbal Remedies Our kidney takes care of our excretory needs. It is responsible for purging out wastes in our body. If this malfunctions, your body will be plagued with toxins and wastes that will eventually lead to body poisoning. Most of us think that our heart and... 05th January 2011 How To Promote Skin Cell Growth For Younger Looking Skin Our body is made up of billions of cells. They are critical in energy conversion. Moreover, they play a huge role in molecular transport. Our vital organs will not function well without healthy molecules. The skin is also made up of interconnected net... 05th January 2011 How To Defy The Skin Aging Process Using Natural Methods One of the mistakes people make when trying to bring back young looking skin is immediately using cosmetic treatments. While these treatments help a lot in improving the core structure of the skin, they don't really solve the primary cause of aging. S... 05th January 2011 Effective Holistic Approach To Skin Aging You Would Want To Know! One of the mistakes people make when it comes to treating skin aging is that they only use one or two treatments. Most of those treatments are bought over the counter. While there are a lot of products that can really bring back the natural resilience of ... 05th January 2011 4 Tips That Can Effectively Hydrate Your Dry And Damaged Skin One of the main reasons why skin aging accelerates is because of dry dermis condition. If it lacks the essential moisture that it needs, the dermis tissues become brittle and damaged. Hydrating your dry and damaged skin is critical. While there are nu... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Collagen Loss In Your Skin One of the core reasons why your skin turns wrinkly is because of collagen loss. The collagen produced by your body usually gets damaged by stress and cumulative exposure to ultraviolet rays. With so many internal and external aging factors you are expose... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Saggy Skin Condition One of the characteristics of aging skin is a distinct sagging of dermis layers. As a person gets older, the skin's ability to produce collagen and elastin dwindles. As you probably know, collagen and elastin are vital in maintaining the healthy structure... 05th January 2011 4 Skin Care Habits That Might Actually Speed Up Skin Aging Not all skin care habits are good for your skin. Some people tend to do exaggerated stuff when it comes to keeping their skin smooth and young. If you think caring for your skin is good, think again. You might be doing something that can speed up the agin... 05th January 2011 Learning The Top Health Benefits Of Gotu Kola Nature has blessed us with herbal bounties that can actually improve the quality of our health. With the help of these remedies, it is easy to stay fit and healthy all the time. Unfortunately, most of us do not utilize the things bestowed by nature. T... 05th January 2011 4 Tips That Can Make Your Skin Care Regimen More Effective Most skin care products have been tried and tested. They generally produce favourable results. The way we use those products will also affect their efficacy. You can make your skin care regimen a lot more effective. Let me tell you a couple of tips th... 05th January 2011 How To Extend The Youthful Functions Of Your Skin Most of us have resigned ourselves to the idea that our skin will turn wrinkly as we get older. But in the past few decades, we have become quite obsessed with the science of having beautiful skin. It paved way to the appearance of numerous treatments tha... 05th January 2011 Is Noni Juice Really Beneficial? Migraine is not just an ordinary headache problem. This can be quite debilitating to the sufferers. The severity of the attack can cripple a person. In fact, most of the migraine sufferers I know will have to get absent from work to rest and recuperate. ... 05th January 2011 Skin Care Tips For Men That Can Get Rid Of Dry Skin Problems Men are as susceptible to dry skin problems as women. In fact, they are more susceptible to this skin issue as they are constantly exposed to external aging elements that dehydrate the layers of the skin. Unfortunately, most men just shrug this off. Y... 05th January 2011 Avoid Age Spots Formation In 3 Easy Steps Many people plagued by age spots regret not taking good care of their skin when they were younger. Age spots are the after-effects of cumulative sun exposure. When you are exposed to the sun frequently during your younger days, you have a higher chance of... 05th January 2011 How To Avoid Fast Cellular Aging Process Many people fail to consider cellular aging. This also contributes to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, the aging process of the cells can lead to the fast aging process of the whole body. More often than not, this is caused by the a... 05th January 2011 How To Easily Maintain Your Gas Grill To Avoid Common Problems Maintaining your gas grill is relatively easy. Spare a few minutes of your time to clean this kitchen equipment and check up its parts to ensure that it will run smoothly the next time you are going to use it. If you want to avoid common gas grill pro... 05th January 2011