ethanedison's Articles en-us What Do I Need to Know About Acne Scar Laser Treatment? Are you someone who likes the idea of getting rid of your acne scars? While acne scars tend to heal up on their own, you will find that the scarring that they leave behind can be something that can trouble you for ages. Take some time and look into what y... 26th November 2009 3 Home Remedies for Acne Acne is never something that anyone wants to deal with. It can hit us at any age, generally starting in our teen years but it can also be troublesome in our adult years as well. While there are plenty of over the counter treatments as well as prescripti... 24th November 2009 The easier and Faster ways to Cure Acne than using Creams No one wants to deal with acne. Those unsightly pimples can be painful and hard to get rid of. While there are plenty of products on the market today to help rid you of acne, there are much faster ways to cure acne than using creams. Many of the acne p... 24th November 2009