Canvasdezign's Articles en-us Enliven the home and make it colorful with canvas prints It is true that life would have been completely dull without colors. If individuals imagine this, they would probably have the same answer. The colors play an important role in the way people view things and it has great effect on life of humans, as much ... 12th January 2011 Canvas prints as unique and wonderful gift for Christmas Christmas is around the corner, and perhaps there may be many who might find it difficult to get the best gifts for their loved ones. For all of them, there is something unique and wonderful gift idea this festive season and that is personalized photo can... 10th January 2011 Get rid from stress and anxiety by framing photo on canvas Sometimes shifting can be too hectic and it becomes quite difficult to stay in a new home but living alone after shifting can be full of stress and anxiety. Adjusting things can be hard but there are some memories of life which really help in forgetting t... 04th January 2011 Photographs on Canvas – keeps your memories alive Decorating homes with photographs is a very common mannerism that is found all over the world. These photographs are the finest way to keep the memories alive. A wall art comes in various shapes and sizes and personalized wall arts are unique. Canvas prin... 28th December 2010 Get aware about Giclee canvas prints Giclee prints are in use since twenty decades ago and are still very popular. One of the major reasons behind their increasing popularity is the advanced technology. This technology can be defined as the one which uses modern techniques to match the origi... 28th December 2010 Make the images high quality with floral canvas prints Looking for the cheap art work to decorate interior of house? If yes, then there are some options with which one can get the desirable results in very short time. The people who are looking to hang up something on their bare walls, floral canvas prints ar... 22nd December 2010 Redefining the art by Giclee canvas prints Most of the people love traditional paintings or art work and wish to treasure all those forms of art. However, it was very tough for the people in the past because these paintings were out of the reach of common man because of their premium price. Howeve... 22nd December 2010 Is it possible to discover cheap canvas prints? These days, canvas prints are given more importance because these are really helpful in giving a new and younger look to the image. Some people often think that cheap prints mean cheap material but it is not at all right. There are several resources avail... 21st December 2010 Let the innovation show up through canvas pictures Most of the people today have the thirst to show some creativity and innovation in every field. Use of innovative ideas in the work makes anyone stand among the crowd of thousands of people. Canvas printing is such a unique art which grabs the attention ... 21st December 2010 Make own designs with the canvas pictures Pictures play an important role in everyone’s life as they help to keep the memories alive. By use of some innovation one can make them alive forever. The canvas pictures that can be seen in many offices and well furnished homes look like a real painting.... 20th December 2010 Paint your walls with photo canvas Canvas photos and prints are the best expose that can create dazzling magic in and out. If one is fed up of looking at the simple walls and want to paint the imaginations on the walls then the canvas prints are the best option. There are many companies ar... 20th December 2010 The optimum quality of the fine art giclee prints and variability of the vinyl wall art Canvas art has found immense growth options in today’s world because people have understood the real meaning of having a canvas print at house. Canvas art demands for highly proficient skills and it is very difficult to find the artist who possesses the r... 14th October 2010 Reasons for coating the canvas art Canvas art is a type of wall art which uses canvas to portray various scenes. They can be unique oil paintings, woven natural materials, prints on canvas. One always dreams of possessing a unique oil painting by ones favorite artist but dreaming is not th... 14th October 2010 Picture Canvas – A Tremendous way to treasure memories for lifetime The loveliness of surroundings is inspirational always and makes individuals wish to record beauty in their digital cameras. A few of them are so incredible that people get motivated to make them a souvenir. Printing over canvas is the latest trend and on... 14th October 2010 Personalize your canvas pictures according to your taste Photos represent sweet memories from the past and today it is easy to transform this memory into a canvas picture. This is a new trend and many people use such canvas pictures in offices, homes and other places. This is one of the best ways to cherish one... 13th October 2010 Innovative Ideas for Printing on Canvas Prints on canvas endow one with a stunning strategy to showcase digital art or favorite photos. Many studios astonishingly provided digital picture on to high quality canvas utilizing best printing techniques and best inks. One can include canvas prints i... 13th October 2010 How to set the flow inside a house with the help of cheap floral canvas prints? People love to decorate their houses with elegant artwork without spending a lot of money. There is always a sort of nervousness when it comes to buy an expensive item. People should take it as an offence if they are expending a lot of money on wall paint... 13th October 2010 How to print and preserve high quality Canvas Photographs? Canvas photographs are very popular these days and are in a growing trend today. People like to get the old photos printed on canvas and hang them on the walls. For those who like to preserve the beautiful memories but are bored of the traditional photo f... 13th October 2010 Giclee canvas prints-Transform photograph into a master-piece Most of us are unaware of what a Giclee canvas print is. The word giclee is derived from a French word called gicler. The high quality printout on a canvas can be termed as giclee prints or images. With the advancement in technology this has become a popu... 13th October 2010 Get your favorite artwork done on canvas photo printing There are so many treasured memories which one would love to conserve. Capturing photos is a way of conserving them, but to imprint them on canvas is another fantastic technique of living special moments over and over. One can print the collection of swee... 13th October 2010 Choosing Art Canvas Prints for Your Home Nowadays people are more conscious regarding their home décor indoor as well as outdoor. Especially they are more concerned with enhancing their walls that were neglected in earlier times. Canvas art is the most popular and attractive form of art work tha... 13th October 2010 Cherish your special moments with photos on canvas blocks There are so many special occasions in life, including anniversaries, birthdays, and graduation days and wedding, list is never-ending. One cannot let go special moments vanish with time, and in order to preserve them for ever, one captures photographs. P... 13th October 2010 Canvas printing- the way to design the photos according to the desire of the person Printing on canvas has become a widely acclaimed option for decorating the house. Everyone in this world talks about the benefits as well as worth of canvas photo prints due to the use of latest technology in it. People can not only convert their favorite... 13th October 2010 Bring your memory to life with canvas pictures Photographs of a vacation trip with family or wedding pictures take us back to that sweet memory. The expert photographers are left with just a few options for developing the photograph. One can only get a print out of the picture put it in a frame, album... 13th October 2010 Art on giclee canvas print Giclee canvas print is something that has been in the industry since 1980’s. However, this form of printing images, photos and art work on canvas has gained popularity since the past few years. This type of art work was first developed with the help of Ir... 13th October 2010 An Essential Guide to Photographs on Canvas printing Photo art on canvas is a popular method for creating impressive artwork of a photo. If the ink and canvas material is of good quality, the artwork will last for many hundreds of years. As a conventional photograph loses its colors in just ten to twenty ye... 13th October 2010 Touch the heart with acrylic prints gift ideas From ancient times people are discovering different ways to commune their thoughts, canvas paintings is one such mode. Painting is a good way to articulate thoughts and giving shape to imagination. As the time moved, artists discovered some amazing techni... 12th October 2010 Adorn your office and home with outstanding prints on canvas Canvas prints, also known as stretched canvas or simply canvas art is created when a picture is printed onto canvas which is stretched or gallery-wrapped and exhibited. Original artworks are usually quite costly and out of the reach for most individuals. ... 12th October 2010 Use canvas photos to keep memories alive Little knowledge about the printing technology that goes into making stunning Art on canvas is useful to make one of our own. It is not very difficult to understand it. The photo required should be of a higher resolution to obtain enlarged prints. The pri... 16th September 2010 Use acrylic prints to decorate homes Acrylic prints are photographs printed on the acrylic sheets which is transparent like glass. The thickness of the sheet should be about 5mm. It is a shatter proof material and very light in weight. They are very easy to maintain as the ink used is of ve... 16th September 2010 Set the right mood with a floral canvas print It is really not necessary to spend lots of money to get an expensive looking artwork for the purpose of decoration. One has to make great adjustments to buy any thing expensive. When there are cheaper alternatives which look classy and expensive it would... 16th September 2010 Select the correct protective coat for the canvas photo Canvas photos are made from digital photographs or scans. All that is required is a high resolution image of the subject of which the canvas photos are to be made. For an ever lasting picture the color should go deep into the fiber of the fabric. The long... 16th September 2010 Decorating homes with photographs is a very common feature found all over the world. Decorating homes with photographs is a very common feature found all over the world. Photographs are the best way to keep memories alive. It allows a person to relive the moments when ever one views the photographs. To keep the memories fresh it is good t... 16th September 2010 Own a classic giclee print of a great art work Technology or gadgetry has taken over the world. Amazing developments are seen in the printing technology. With the help of printing technology the prints produced on the canvas are as good as the original. Prints of the famous art works using the digital... 14th September 2010 Select the avatar style canvas photo printing for a new kind of look People would always want to preserve the memories that they cherish most. The latest method to hold on to them is by transferring them on to canvas. It not only preserves the memories but makes a person relive those moments over and over again. A good co... 14th September 2010 Get the Favorite art- work imprint on the canvas Home is the place where every individual finds solace. Maintaining the aesthetics is a crucial task. Good walls, good interiors are feast to eyes. The idea of getting own picture on the wall is very old, but getting own canvas picture on the wall is a gre... 13th September 2010 Experiment with different oil base to make the artwork alive Since ages, canvas paintings are centre of attraction. In the era, when photography was not discovered, paintings were used to capture the sceneries, portraits etc. Even today canvas paintings enjoy a big share of attraction. Some people adopt canvas pain... 10th September 2010 Conserve old photos as prints on canvas Some of the best paintings which rose to great fame are now available as print on canvas. The new technology of printing has developed methods to keep the old painting of great artists alive in form of replicas true to the original. It is very difficult f... 01st September 2010 Cheap canvas prints do not look cheap they are just inexpensive to create Floral canvas prints have a captivating beauty and can make the whole environment fresh. They give a very refreshing feeling and add cheer to a room. The creative capacity of a person can be judged by the way floral canvas prints are used in a house. They... 31st August 2010 Personalized gift for grand parents We receive many gifts from people who love us, especially from parents, grand parents and friends. It would be a good idea to thank them for all the lovely presents that they showered on us. When it comes to buying gifts for them it becomes very difficult... 16th August 2010 Print a customized montage Trying to capture a permanent image started way back in 1860s. The search to capture lasting images has developed through centuries and it has reached a stage where the technology has provided an opportunity to print an image on a canvas which would last ... 16th August 2010 Pre requisite for printing canvas photographs It is really not very difficult to make good Canvas photographs. To have slight knowledge about the printing technology will help in making a better one. The length and breadth ratio of the original photo should match the sizes of the final print if a sin... 16th August 2010 Giclee printing - a boon both for the common man and the artist The word ‘Giclee' owes its origin to French language. The printing of the original fine art works on to the canvas using the digital technology and multi color inkjet printers is what classic giclee print is all about. A digital photo or a scan of a cla... 13th August 2010 Gift memories on canvas photo print There are many cherished memories which one would like to preserve. Taking photographs is one way of preserving them but to get them printed on a canvas and hanging it up on the wall is another way of living those moments again and again. A mosaic or mont... 12th August 2010 Giclee printing a boon both for the common man and the artist The word ‘Giclee' owes its origin to French language. The printing of the original fine art works on to the canvas using the digital technology and multi color inkjet printers is what classic giclee print is all about. A digital photo or a scan of a cla... 11th August 2010