Peter Nisbet's Articles en-us How to Avoid a Bootleg Movie Download When You Download Free Movies Online Is downloading free music online legal or not? P2P file sharing sites have been given a bad name lately as the music and movie moguls try to clamp down on privacy and illegal downloading. 'Many' are being prosecuted, although this 'many' is in fact minisc... 11th January 2012 Paternity Testing Ireland: Immigration, Inheritance and Paternity Issues If you have a need for paternity testing, Ireland can offer a number of options in the field of DNA testing. Ireland is now just as capable as any other country of providing the public with a DNA paternity test on request, even though it is only relativel... 20th June 2011 The Arguments Regarding Illegal Music Downloads In the UK in Feb 2011 a court case investigated the claims by two intellectual property solicitor firms, ACS:Law and MediaCat that 24 people had been illegally downloading movies and music. The individuals had been identified by their IP addresses and sen... 18th March 2011 How To Download Legal Music From Free Download Movies Websites It is possible to download legal music from free download movies websites because the principles involved with each are the same. However, to stay legal, don't expect your legal music to be much less than 60 years old! When downloading files from free ... 16th March 2011 Bootleg Movies: Are Free Online Movies Legal Or Not? Bootleg movies are either waxing or waning in popularity depending upon who you believe. So what is the truth - are free online movies legal and are they increasing or decreasing in popularity? The answer is . . . (not 'wax on - wax off' - that's another... 09th February 2011 Practical and Legal Aspects of Free P2P Music Downloads The legal aspects of free P2P music downloads is often either ignored or misunderstood. The law is not obscure with regard to downloading music and movies using file sharing services, and nobody should be in doubt that downloading copyright-protected musi... 17th January 2011 How To Download Free Online Movies It is not difficult to download free online movies if you know how to do it, and also understand the legalities. It is very easy to step over the line and illegally download bootleg movies protected by copyright using file sharing services, although there... 17th January 2011 Christmas Quiz and Christmas Trivia Questions A Christmas quiz has always been popular and is a great way to attract seasonal customers into your pub, bar or social club. In fact, hospitals and convalescent homes also run Christmas quizzes because there is something about them appeals to people. ... 06th January 2011 Argan Oil: a Fabulous Organic Skin Care Gift Argan oil will make a great organic skin care gift this holiday time if you know where to get it. This oil has been used by Moroccan women for hundreds of years to keep their skin smooth and supple in spite of the harsh desert winds and killingly hot sun.... 29th December 2010 A Holiday Gift Guide to Organic Skin Care Products Holiday time is here again, and here is a holiday gift guide to organic skin care products for you to check out. It is often difficult to figure out what gifts are appropriate for which occasions, especially if you are a guy wondering if you should even a... 28th December 2010 Halloween Quiz: Halloween Pub Quiz Ideas A Halloween quiz is very popular at this time of year, and many pubs and clubs are seeking Halloween pub quiz ideas to make their Halloween night party something special and interesting. In fact, many places are making the quiz the whole purpose of their ... 11th November 2010 Host a Great Halloween Quiz for Charity or Entertainment If you are having a bunch of friends around for Halloween, why not give them a Halloween Quiz? If you have a pub, bar or club, then advertise your Halloween Quiz and see the difference it makes to your visitors. Halloween is Fright Night and Monsters Inc.... 28th October 2010 Cinnamon and Weight Loss: Slimming with Apple Pie There is a connection between cinnamon and weight loss, which is good news for those that love the taste of cinnamon and also have to lose weight. In fact, cinnamon can be used to help you to lose weight in a healthy way that will compromise neither your ... 21st October 2010 How Halloween Trivia Questions can Spice up a Pub Quiz Halloween trivia questions can spice up any pub quiz, because by their very nature they tend to be different to the normal type of trivia you come across during the average pub quizzes. However, it is at Halloween and the days leading up to it that such q... 25th August 2010 Why a Bootleg Movie Download is Illegal Why is a bootleg movie download illegal? The term should answer that question. That's what a 'bootleg move' is: an illegal movie. The term comes from the Old West, when cowboys would hide knives, guns and illicit goods down their boot legs so they couldn... 12th July 2010 Why Rent Movies Online when you can Buy Them? Why should you rent movies online in these days of cheap DVDs in discount stores and supermarkets when you can own them for a fairly low price? There are two major answers to that question, other than the various other benefits you get from renting DVDs. ... 17th May 2010 The Best Way to Rent Movies Online There is no better way to rent movies online than to use an online movie rental company. That being accepted by the vast majority of people, what should you be looking for in an online DVD rental business that should persuade you to join it. Wide Choic... 30th April 2010 Ethical Cosmetics: Aspects of Ethical and Natural Cosmetic Products When most people read about ethical and natural cosmetic products, they generally tend to wonder what ethical cosmetics are, and never really consider how it affects them. If that is their view, then they have a problem - if not now, then they will have ... 30th April 2010 Caring For Your Skin With Green Tea Oil Green tea oil has many uses, one of them being a skin care product that offers some amazing benefits, particularly to tired, slack skin. You are always best to use natural products on your skin, because many of the manufactured chemical ingredients in mod... 23rd September 2009 Castor Oil: Skin Care and Protection Without Equal At one time, castor oil was the natural home remedy of choice that young mothers would use for any digestive problem, such as sore tummies to sickness, diarrhea and constipation. Woe betide you if you failed to fill your diaper or nappy. Your reward was ... 23rd September 2009 Using Aloe Vera in Skin Care Products Aloe Vera has been used in skin care products for thousands of years, being mentioned not only in the New Testament of the Bible, but also in ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine. Most ancient applications appear to be connected with skin care and the tr... 23rd September 2009 Sunflower Oil: the Natural Skin Care Oil Sunflower oil is used for more than just cooking: it is also an excellent product for use as a natural skin care oil that imparts many benefits when rubbed into your skin. For a start, it retains moisture, and in preventing your skin from drying out it h... 23rd September 2009 Article Marketing: How to Write Articles to Generate Traffic If you know how to write articles to generate traffic then you need never worry about how to get visitors to your website again. Article marketing is a skill that everybody thinks they have, but few actually do. Writing articles to persuade readers to vis... 11th August 2009 Goat's Milk in Natural Skin Care Products Goat's milk is excellent for moisturizing your skin and helping you to maintain your youthful looks. It is commonly used in natural skin care products, and there is a very good reason for that, apart from it being natural. In fact, being natural is on... 11th August 2009 Natural Skin Care using Evening Primrose Oil Most women who have ever suffered from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) or PMT as it is often known, is well aware of evening primrose oil and how it can be used to modify their symptoms and many husbands are equally aware of its effects in this respect! How... 11th August 2009 The Skin Care Benefits of Natural Avocado Oil Natural avocado oil offers you all the skin care benefits that you would expect of a natural product without any added chemicals. It is chemicals that render most of today's proprietary so-call skin care preparations so dangerous to your ongoing health, ... 11th August 2009 How to Use Twitter to Attract Followers How to Use Twitter to Attract Followers Anybody still needing to know how to use Twitter has either just returned from the moon, or has been in a state of suspended animation for a number of years. However, to be serious, Twitter is easy to use for it... 10th August 2009 How to Download Free Movies If you know how to download free movies, you will be able to view movies online on your computer screen free of charge. Actually they are not free of charge, because you will have an administration charge to make for the software that allows you to do th... 10th August 2009 Avocado Butter for Beautiful and Healthy Skin There are many benefits to use avocado butter, not the least of them that it makes your skin look alive, vibrant and full of health. Add to that the fact that it is completely natural, and it becomes a very attractive choice as an addition to your range o... 16th July 2009 Cucumber Extract will Give Your Skin a Natural Biochemical Makeover You might not have previously considered cucumber extract as a natural skin care product, but it is gaining in popularity as an increasing number of people are shying away from synthetic commercial preparations as the toxic properties of a growing number ... 16th June 2009 Use Shea Butter for Glowing Skin and Eternal Youth If you want your skin to glow with health, use shea butter. It helps to maintain the health of your skin, keeping it glowing and supple, and maintaining its youthful look well into your old age. Perhaps 'eternal youth' is a bit beyond it, but don't give u... 16th June 2009 Is Downloading Movies Illegal - How to Avoid Downloading Bootleg Movies Downloading movies can be illegal, but there are ways to avoid downloading bootleg movies and staying on the right side of the law while still enjoying online movie downloads. Most people believe that the only way to download movies is to use file shar... 05th June 2009 How to Avoid Illegal Download Issues: Watch Legal Movie Downloads It is easy to avoid illegal movie download problems: simply watch legal movie downloads. If you download copyright-protected movies using P2P file sharing services, you could face prosecution and a $150,000 fine. Many people consider the chances of being... 27th April 2009 Free On Line Movies: Are P2P Legal or Bootleg Movies? When you download free on line movies, are you downloading P2P legal or bootleg movies? The answer to that question isn't as easy to answer as you might believe, since it digs into the murky depths of copyright law, and in the USA at least the term 'murky... 17th April 2009