Paul Wise's Articles en-us Blank Envelopes and Wireless Communications Wait til computers really take over! Bid farewell to blank envelopes! They'll be history. All those science fiction movies that depict a world taken over by computers show something really diabolical, but real life is at once more imaginative and less exc... 08th August 2011 Casio Baby G Solar Fashion Facts and History So we all know that Casio has been making an array of shock watches, wristbands, databanks, dive watches, and like four or five and half million other things through the years. A new addition to the family is the Casio Baby G Solar watch. They're basicall... 16th March 2011 The All Portable Apple Notebook It's no secret that technology is constantly getting smaller, especially during the past ten or twenty years where technology has seen an explosion of progress, moving at blazing speed, and this is maybe most clear in the advances seen with computer noteb... 15th March 2011 How the Food Bank Came to Be Food banks are charitable organizations that hold donated food and distribute them to a selection of other agencies devoted to providing for the hungry, whether to food pantries or to soup kitchens or fellow food banks at a more local level. Donated food... 03rd March 2011 Nokia Cell Phones And How They Became Known Not many inventions have revolutionized the workings of modern society such as the cell phone. Since the 1980s, when cell phones were substantial and cumbersome and were hardly regarded as more than a status symbol among the yuppie culture, cell phones be... 24th February 2011 Huge Assortments Of 3G Cell Phones Most people have heard of 3G cell phones, whether it be through advertisements or word of mouth, understanding that 3G is "good" with little knowledge beyond that implied fact. In fact, the 3G of 3G no contract cell phones simply means "third generation",... 15th February 2011