Satya Narayan's Articles en-us The Myths and Benefits of Recycled Paper A lot of businesses seem to underestimate the quality of recycled paper. Some people believe that recycled content paper is thin or flimsy and that it does not hold ink well. The truth is that recycled paper performs just as well as virgin fiber paper... 14th February 2012 Make Your Performance Shine with a Ben Nye Makeup Kit If your first love is acting then you already know the power of makeup. Whether the goal is to lessen the glare of the stage lights, add age to a character, or give the bloody effects of maim or monster, makeup has always played a major role in the deve... 26th September 2011 Why VCI Packaging And VCI Paper Products Are Crucial in Spring And Summer Months Although it’s recommended to use VCI packaging protection for metal parts year round, warmer temperatures and high humidity cause parts to be more susceptible to corrosion and rust. Metal parts manufacturers should rely on the proven effectiveness of VCI ... 16th September 2011 Protect Your Hair from Heat Styling: What Products to Use With Hair Texturizers & Hair Straightener The right products can help keep your hair strong and healthy, even if you use heat tools multiple times per week. Ideally, you should use heat tools as infrequently as possible. But, if you choose to use hair texturizers or hair straightener products r... 14th June 2011 Theater Stage Lighting - An Intro to Theater Lighting Equipment Theater stage lighting can produce a wide range of effects, from practical to artistic. Technicians use theater stage lighting instruments to illuminate stage productions, concerts, live performances, TV studios, sound stages and more. Overall, theater ... 17th May 2011 Make a Smart Move to a Phone Answering Service In business you have to spend money to make money. If one of the things you are thinking about spending money on is a phone answering service, here are some ways it can benefit your business. Speak to a Person - A phone answering service is a great w... 16th March 2011 Author Media Relations Training – A Smart Investment After an author spends time and money to write and produce a book, a smart investment is to prepare for any media opportunity by investing in author-specific media relations training, tailored to the author’s book.A new author may have to handle guest a... 03rd March 2011 10 Easy Tips for Reducing Your Daily Paper Waste People often forget how often they encounter paper and paper products during the day—this includes books, newspapers, toilet paper, cereal boxes, the labels on water bottles, catalogs, junk mail, money, parking tickets, receipts, napkins, and the list g... 24th February 2011 Women Trafficking in 2011: The New Face of Sex Slavery According to the U.S. FBI, human trafficking, specifically women trafficking and sex slavery is estimated to generate a revenue of approximately 9.5 billion dollars annually, making human trafficking the 2nd largest criminal industry in the world today.... 22nd February 2011 How To Decrease Your Communications Costs with Medical Answering Services Doctor’s offices and hospitals often experience large amounts of patient phone calls, which can be difficult to answer efficiently, especially during busy periods. Staffing and communications costs can quickly add up! Your doctor’s office or hospital ... 18th February 2011 Should You Choose a Phone Answering Service or Attorney Answering Service? Many law firms are struggling to answer their business demands. With phones constantly ringing, these practices use a phone answering service during office hours to free their full-time staff to focus on taking care of client needs. Other firms are facing... 08th February 2011 The Seven Deadly Sins of Book Advertising Told by a Book Publicist Competitive doesn’t begin to describe today’s book publicity market. The booming print-on- demand and self-publishing industries, coupled with mainstream publishers, has flooded the market with thousands of new releases each month. “The LA Times receive... 31st January 2011 Green Holiday Gift Ideas: 5 Inexpensive, Creative, and Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Friends and Famil The following holiday gift ideas are not only thoughtful, they’re quality, inexpensive, and kind to the environment. This article serves as a guide for eco-friendly holiday gift ideas for those who like to give and receive eco-friendly holiday cheer. ... 13th January 2011 Damage Caused by Chemical Hair Relaxers African American women, and even some Caucasian women, have been going to great lengths to straighten their hair for ages! Straightening is painstakingly attempted at the risk of completely harming the hair and scalp. African American hair is extremely ... 07th January 2011 Should Your Company Outsource to an Inbound Call Center Service? The holiday season often brings an increase in incoming calls for many businesses. If your business is becoming overwhelmed, outsourcing to an inbound call center service or a phone answering service is a great way to not only handle the holiday influx bu... 11th December 2010 Why a Books Subtitle is So Important When it Comes to Book Marketing and Book Publicity Subtitles, Book Marketing, and Book Publicity Authors often agonize when creating the main title for their book. Some high-profile authors pay thousands and thousands of dollars to experts just to come up with a catchy main title. But when it comes t... 26th November 2010 Call Center Service The right U.S.-based call center service can make your business accessible to customers every hour of the day and every day of the week with full-time, peak-time or after-hours call center services. Dependable 24/7 call center services can increase sales,... 22nd November 2010 Planning an Office Party: Bowling, Catering, and Entertainment in the Delaware Valley Planning an “Office Party” is a great way to show appreciation to employees who work hard and are devoted to their employers. Having an Office Party is also a good way to get together to enjoy time away from the office and to mingle with co-workers. So... 10th November 2010 How To Make Smarter Business Decisions: 3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Office Environment Many businesses have discovered they not only have an important commitment to the world around them but that there’s a lot to be gained financially from implementing green office initiatives.More than ever, companies are paying attention to their enviro... 14th October 2010 How to Permanently Straighten Hair Safely If you’re a woman with coarse, textured or curly hair, you’re probably well aware of the dangers of harsh chemical relaxers. Many women who know the risks continue to compromise their hair, but now, there’s no reason to. If you’re looking to permanently... 13th October 2010 How to Prepare Your Hair Before Using a Texturizer or Straightening Treatment When planning to texturize or permanently straighten your hair, it's best to begin with your hair at its healthiest.If you're used to the damaging effects of conventional relaxers, you may be interested in restoring your hair to its healthiest state and... 16th September 2010 Professional Theater Lighting and Theater Supplies: Creating Amazing Theater Lighting When creating a stage production in a theater for a play, pageant, concert, or any other type of performance, stage lighting is a very important part of the production. The on-stage theater light will keep the audience focused on the event.The stage ... 08th September 2010 How to Reduce Disease Bacteria in Lakes and Ponds Even lake and pond water that looks clear and clean may harbor disease-carrying bacteria. There are millions of types of bacteria but only a few of these are harmful to humans. Harmful bacteria from animal feces or human sewage can wash into watersheds a... 23rd August 2010 Solving the Plastic Bag Pandemic: Natureworks Biodegradable Plastics and Trash Bags Did you know that it's estimated that the world uses approximately 1 trillion, 500 billion plastic bags a year? That's equivalent to almost 1 million plastic bags every minute. Per family, that's 60 bags per every 4 trips to the grocery store. One o... 19th August 2010 Consumers are shopping for Natural Hair Relaxers in This Down Economy New studies on consumer behavior indicate that the down economy has prompted consumers to do more research online before making purchases, especially for consumer goods like hair relaxers and hair products. Consumers are reading labels, comparing p... 16th August 2010 Banquet Hall That Specializes in Making Your Events Pennsylvania residents, there are a multitude of banquet halls available in Lansdale PA to host your next special occasion, no matter what type it may be. Choose a banquet hall PA that specializes in delivering quality and specialized food choices, firs... 05th August 2010 Make an Award Winning Event With Reputable Theatrical Supply If you are in the entertainment or professional theater business, or perhaps involved in a school play or a dynamic special event, you will need theatrical supplies to create a magnificent production. Make your productions or events look their best w... 04th August 2010 Is There a Natural Hair Straightener for Curly Hair and Wavy Hair That Works Does it exist? A hair straightener for curly and wavy hair that'll get you the smooth, straight look you've always wanted? Is it possible to find a hair straightening product that'll help you achieve long lasting straight hair results without any damage... 19th July 2010 Do Not Add Chemicals To Your Pond: How To Remove Pond Weeds and Prevent Weed Growth Naturally Before you dump chemicals into your pond to combat pond weeds, read the following information.There are alternatives to chemical pond weed removal. We advise against using chemicals in ponds, rivers, lakes, and other small bodies of water because they ... 16th July 2010 Why Using Recycled Toner Cartridges Greatly Helps the Environment When the LaserJet computer printer was introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1984 it was sold with an "all-in-one" toner cartridge. This toner cartridge seemed like a great idea until the empty cartridges started to cause environmental concerns.Today it is ... 12th July 2010 Why Call Centers in California Make Economic Sense The cost savings associated with hiring offshore call centers are offset due to low levels of client satisfaction and client retention. This article offers reasons why it's worth hiring local Call Centers in California. If you're considering hiring ... 04th July 2010 Restoring Lakes Using a Combination of Bacteria and Lake Aerator Technology The Solution to Lake Pollution - Lake Restoration using a Lake Aerator System As more and more people use lakes and live near lakes, more and more nutrients and sediments wash into watersheds, and pollute lakes. Fertilizer, waste, and soil run-off was... 23rd June 2010 Rust Preventative Paper and Rust Preventative Packaging vs Rust Preventative Oils In many cases, rust can happen to metal tools and parts that are exposed to moisture and oxygen over time.Metal corrodes, or "breaks down" due to chemical reactions caused by atmosphere and surroundings. Oxidation of iron atoms weakens metals.When meta... 16th June 2010 Recycled Toilet Paper: The Easiest Way To Be Environmentally Conscious No matter how much of an effort you're making to be green, some of the easiest ways to be environmentally conscious are often overlooked. Next time you venture into the bathroom, examine your toilet paper. There's a huge chance that the toilet paper y... 04th June 2010 Straighten Kinky Hair & Reduce Bulk: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Manageable This Summer Summer heat, humidity, chlorine damage, and other factors that can take a toll on your hair's health. Bulky hair, frizz, and unruly curls aren't an attractive look any time of year, but the summer months make it especially challenging to maintain beaut... 18th May 2010 Setting You Straight: The New Safe Alternative to Permanently Straightened Hair If you want to permanently straighten your hair for more then just the occasional event or night out, the following article will fill you in on the pro's and cons of permanently straight hair.  If you're experienced when itcomes to permanent hair strai... 29th April 2010 How Can a Call Center Increase the Efficiency of Your Business? Cost efficiency.Hiring another company to field all incoming calls is significantly more cost effective then hiring your own in-house team, who will require their own customer service center, as well as the overhead costs, training costs, necessary busi... 20th April 2010 Fun Center Helps to Beat the Winter Blues Is your family in need of day out of the house for some really great family fun? Our destination of choice in the King of Prussia, Trooper, Lansdale and North Wales, PA area is the local family fun center. Taking your family to the local fun center wil... 05th March 2010 The Cost of Corrosion to Metal Parts Manufacturers Corrosion, and in particular rust, costs metal parts manufacturers and foundries an average of more than 350 billion dollars annually! During manufacturing and shipping, metal parts can be exposed to moisture, causing rust. Many times clients return th... 05th March 2010 24/7 Answering Service A 24/7 Answering service is pretty self-explanatory. When a business or individual is on-call all hours of the day every day of the year, it is sometimes necessary to outsource this answering service to a provider who has the staff to supply a human re... 26th January 2010 Relieve a Medical Staff with a Doctor Answering Service There are many stresses involved with being a doctor and managing a doctor office. Physicians main concern is healing patients, but there are factors including administration, claims, billing, and office management which are a huge, yet necessary distrac... 23rd December 2009 Spanish Call Center: Spanish Phone Answering Services The key to a successful customer service is clear communication—understanding and meeting all client needs. Successful communication can sometimes become a challenge, as today's market is becoming increasingly diverse. For that reason, it's necessary ... 22nd December 2009 The Importance of Customizing a Phone Answering Service to Meet Business Goals When hiring a phone answering service, it is impossible to have successful results with a one size fits all service. All products and all companies are different, and phone answering service solutions should be customized to meet every company's needs. ... 17th December 2009 Use Heat Transfer Paper for the Holidays to Create Unique Gifts What gift do you get for Grandma or the favorite aunt or the nephew who lives across the country? What do you get for the person who already has everything? When some creativity and individuality goes into a gift, it will be special; especially if i... 15th December 2009 The Increased Need for a Spanish Answering Service It is common knowledge that Spanish is widely spoken in the United States and it is, in fact, the second most commonly spoken language besides English. This is because of the dramatic increase in the Spanish speaking population. Along with population gr... 24th September 2009