Nealmedia's Articles en-us Solar Energy Mankind's use of solar energy has a history that dates back centuries. Archimedes, renowned Greek mathematician and scientist, used the concentrated reflections of soldiers' brass shields to set fire to enemy ships during the 2nd century B.C.E. By the 6th... 21st September 2009 Being Green on the Web When people think about going green, they often think of fuel efficient cars and reusable shopping bags. Maybe they think of carpooling to work or being sure to recycle their aluminum cans each week. However, one area that can sometimes be overlooked is t... 21st September 2009 Green Hosting Green hosting companies are multiplying at a prodigious rate. Part of the growth is because of growing public awareness of the use of electricity and the perceived impact on the environment, part is due to government mandates requiring compliance by adopt... 21st September 2009 Most Green Countries The buzz word "green" has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and people all over the world are beginning to realize the importance of replacing the dependence on coal and oil with the independence of renewable energies. While some folks ar... 21st September 2009 Europe's Largest Wind Farm In 2007, the European Union pledged to significantly reduce carbon emissions by 2020. To further this goal, European countries have agreed to produce 20% of their energy from renewable sources such as wind farms and solar energy. Sweden has the most ambit... 21st September 2009 Making Your Home Eco Friendly Making your home eco friendly can be fun and easy. Most importantly, it doesn't have to cost a dime! Many eco friendly strategies, such as converting to solar or wind power, are impractical or impossible for most people. There are still plenty of small th... 21st September 2009 What is Dot Eco Dot Eco is an organization with the goal of fighting global warming by promoting companies, individuals, and solutions that make a real difference. They have partnered with Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection, as well as many other corporation... 21st September 2009 An Inconvenient Truth Educates, Forewarns Although global warming has been an issue on the forefront of modern science and society for years now, it wasn't until 2006 that an eye-opening documentary about it was produced. Based on the book An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global ... 12th August 2009 A Polar Bear's Fight to Survive According to most evidence gathered by researchers and scientists everywhere, the phenomenon known as global warming is quickly killing off most polar bears. This is not some shaky sort of story either, something built upon an edifice of stilts and other ... 12th August 2009 The Alliance For Climate Protection The Alliance for Climate Protection is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the climate crisis. The Alliance for Climate Protection's goal is two-fold. First, they wish to build non-partisan alliances with varied constituencie... 12th August 2009 Fighting Global Warming There are multiple lists of tips on how to reduce global warming. Many of these tips are really common knowledge now and even before saving the planet was cool, some of these tips were presented as ways to save money. Tips such as weatherizing your home, ... 12th August 2009 The Sierra Club and the Environment Many of us have heard the name once or twice, but very few of us are actually aware of what exactly it is, or what exactly The Sierra Club does. But in fact, The Sierra Club is the United States' oldest and largest grassroots environmental campaign. Found... 12th August 2009 Surfrider, Saving the Earth One Moment at a Time Who is Surfrider? Surfrider is a non profit organization that was founded in 1984 by a group of environmentalist surfers, their ultimate goal is to help keep our world safe and clean from ocean to ocean. The roots of this visionary group began in Malibu, ... 12th August 2009 Al Gore's Fight Against Climate Change By now you should be familiar with the name Al Gore - not only did he serve as Vice President from 1993 to 2001 under President Clinton, but he also ran for presidency in 2000 against George Bush; despite winning the popular vote he lost the election. Tod... 12th August 2009 The Threat of Global Warming Global warming is primarily caused by an imbalance of the "greenhouse gases." Greenhouse gases in of themselves are not malevolent; in fact, the earth's atmosphere is essentially a by-product of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect keeps some of t... 12th August 2009 Quick Tips on Living a Greener Lifestyle In the last few years, we have heard much about "going green." Whether wanting to use fewer resources to save money, help the environment, or both, many people are trying to live a "greener" lifestyle. The following tips offer a few ideas on how to reduce... 12th August 2009 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint - It's Easier Than You Think With all the talk today about global warming, pollution and going green, most people are becoming overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there about how to reduce what is known as your "carbon footprint." Well, it's not as complicated as one ... 12th August 2009