Marcia's Articles en-us Print to Canvas- Things Which You Should Know Once it was only rich who could hire artists to make portraits that stayed beyond generations. This procedure was not only time-consuming but expensive as well. Gone are those days, and today you can have your own print on canvas product with the use of t... 02nd December 2010 How to avail quality print on canvas service Once upon time, framed portraits were considered as classic home décor items and till date those masterpieces on wooden frames are considered priceless assets for their owners. However, creation of these masterpieces was a time consuming process, required... 02nd December 2010 Photo canvas printing Preservation of the memories is an age old interest of human being. canvas printing is the avenue where technology plays a significant role to conserve the remembrances for generations. This converging point of photographic art and technology is considere... 02nd December 2010 Canvas Printing – Hot on the tray of Interior Decor The art and quest of decorating and renovating home and interiors has been seeking the way around for a unique, gentle trick that caters every requirement – aesthetics, hues and signature of thoughtfulness. Giving a transparent legibility to a complete ho... 02nd December 2010 Benefits of Print on Canvas These days, print on canvas is preferred over the print on photo paper. This is because the life of canvas prints are more than paper prints. If you want to buy an art work, this is a better option because it can last longer. A print on photo paper with i... 02nd December 2010 THE ART OF CONVERTING PHOTOS ON CANVAS Some of the greatest masterpieces of history were drawn on high quality canvas sheets. Not all can aspire to become Pablo and Picasso, the guardians of world class painting. However, there is no need to worry as modern technology has evolved a new paradig... 22nd November 2010