Graffitti Studio's Articles en-us Animation lip sync voiceovers| Animation voiceover services Animation voice over production can be described as the most intriguing voice over service. The fantastic world of cartoons offers to the animation voice over talents a whole new scope when building an animation voice over characters. Its not just the fa... 11th March 2011 TV commercial voiceovers TV commercial voiceovers? Sounds like important part of the creative process of TV commercial, isn't it? You can easily mute your TV, but at some point still watching what is there. The visual element of a TV commercial is more engaging, for most of the p... 11th March 2011 E-learning voiceovers Since e-learning has transformed in a common interactive educational method, Graffitti Studio specializes in its voice over aspects. E-learning voiceovers are of great importance both for the users and producers, engaged in e-learning industry. E-lear... 11th March 2011 foreign language voiceovers Graffitti Studio partakes in the world-wide media localization services for the last 17 years. As a leading multimedia localization company Graffitti studio specializes in foreign language voiceovers for TV and radio commercials, TV series and films, e-l... 11th March 2011 The Hollywood actor James Frain dubs the “Fringe” series at “Graffitti Studio” The worldwide filmmakers "Warner Bros" hired the Media Company "Graffitti Studio" ( for their second dubbing project. After the successful work on the CBS serial "Moonlight", the studio was invited to take up a new project. "Warner... 25th March 2009