Debbie's Articles en-us Nail Salon Air Cleaner--7 Essential Features If you own and work in a nail salon, you know the air can become pretty thick with fumes and particles. And the more services you provide the worse the air smells. Breathing chemical fumes daily for prolonged periods of time can cause short and long-... 05th January 2012 Beauty Salon Air Cleaners---7 Features That Make Salon Air Purifiers Effective The atmosphere in beauty salons can become hazardous pretty quickly. Fumes from hair and nail products can off-gas chemical fumes and odors that range from unpleasant to unhealthy. You can insure effective filtration by choosing the following 7 features... 10th January 2011 Beauty Salon First Impressions-5 Secrets For Having Your Beauty Salon Make a Great First Impression Beauty salons have long been a get-away place for women. It's a time to kick back and enjoy being pampered. Your salon can make a great first impression every time by using the following five suggestions. Inviting Atmosphere-You only get one chance t... 13th July 2010 Healthy Beauty Parlor Air--Top 4 Things That Can Cause Unhealthy Beauty Parlor Air The beauty parlor continues to be one of the favorite places for women to literally let their hair down. And when they come to your shop, the last thing they want to do is worry about anything, particularly whether the air in your shop is healthy. Here... 07th January 2010