arcel's Articles en-us About Decorative Bottles Decorative bottles are always a nice touch to any home. You can adore the living room, the bedrooms, the bathroom, the kitchen—the whole house!—with decorative bottles and still make it look like it needs some more. Simply put, these bottles never fai... 31st July 2009 The Beauties of Sweden Perhaps more people should pay attention to what Sweden is doing for its beauty pageants. In 2007 for example, Miss Sweden decided to drop out of the Miss Universe competition allegedly because the Swedes believe that the competition was far too riddled ... 29th July 2009 Ode to Miss Canada-Universe One of the most interesting things about the history of Miss Canada is that it was handled by three different organizations thus far. The first was Miss Dominion of Canada, which sent its winners to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant from 1960 to 1978.... 23rd July 2009 About Miss Taiwan There is more than one reason to join a beauty pageant. Some beauty pageants--Miss America, for example--is a scholarship pageant that awards winners and runners up with educational scholarship to any institution of her choice. Aside from that, anyone can... 23rd July 2009 Coming Out Stories A lot of people admit that coming out is not one of the easiest things to accomplish. Due to society's oftentimes unjust view of homosexuality, a lot of individuals who are gay cannot easily admit who they are and proclaim to the world their natural prefe... 20th July 2009 All About Asbestos Abatement Information The Greeks called asbestos the miracle mineral, and for a time it was. Most homes and other structures built before the 1980s were infused with asbestos due to the mineral’s flame-resistant characteristic. Then something happened. One thing led to a... 18th May 2009 How To Go About Asbestos Disposal The numerous strict guidelines from our government regarding asbestos disposal just prove how dangerous is this substance to human health. From simple warts, asbestos can also cause cancer. This explains why asbestos waste disposal is a sensitive job and ... 11th May 2009 Your One-Stop Resource for Baby Seats in UK It's true. The Guardian has reported it. The UK is a clear evidence that our world hasn't completely turned into a dystopia that's full of violence, profanities and financial hiccups. Our country has just been blessed again by the same baby-carrying stork... 07th April 2009 Fun Game Websites The Internet has truly evolved into a one-stop entertainment shop, offering an array of entertainment that we can enjoy for free - from playing music to watching movies, and of course playing games in fun game websites. One need not buy expensive gam... 13th March 2009 Ways to Save the Rainforest There are many ways to save the rainforest, right in our own homes or offices. Here are some of them:Save the trees. Reduce the amount of paper you use at home, in the office, or in business establishments. Recycle paper and patronize recycled paper produ... 18th February 2009