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16th February 2011

Limited edition prints

I have recently moved into a new house and have spent a long time renovating and decorating it. Luckily, the house is just as I want it to be now and I now have the happy task of putting the finishing touches to my home to make it look exactly as I want. ...

16th February 2011

Hair Extensions Birmingham

Create a stunning new hairstyle with the best hair extensions Birmingham Always wanted long, flowing locks? Haven't got the patience to wait for your hair to grow naturally? Try hair extensions Birmingham and you can add length to your exiting hair o...

16th February 2011

Abstract And Pop Art Canvas Art

Abstract and pop art canvas art can be a great way to decorate a room or even an entire home. Alternatively it can be used to add colour and character to a bar, restaurant, or virtually any other business or commercial property. Canvas art is essentially ...

16th February 2011

Family Photographer

Capture tasteful images using the services of a Family Photographer Help to preserve precious memories with the best quality family pictures. Relax, have fun, enjoy being pampered in a studio setting where a Family Photographer uses their creative skil...

15th February 2011

Personal tracker

Keep your loved ones safe with a personal tracker All too often you hear horror stories in the media about families being ripped apart when dearly loved members go missing. The big question is; how can you stay in contact with people you care about if...

14th February 2011

Architectural photographer

A day in the life of an architectural photographer What could that possible entail? The creative talents of an architectural photographer are used on a variety of photographic assignments where they’ll capture a host of thought-provoking images. The...

14th February 2011

Event Photography

Need the best Event Photography for a party atmosphere? Organising an 18th, 21st or other type of Birthday and want the memories of the occasion to live on through professionally taken photographs? If you want to capture a special moment in time Event...

02nd February 2011

Stage Hire

Stage Hire For Any Event Planning an event, whether it's a massive music festival or a corporate gig, can prove time consuming and difficult. It ultimately means having to manage many different aspects of the event from sound equipment to booking acts ...

01st February 2011

Who does your child call a friend?

As a parent, it can be stressful when your child hits a certain age. Worrying is a natural part of parenting; there is certainly nothing wrong with caring deeply for your children. There are many things you might fret about, such as whether they are skivi...

01st February 2011

Celebrity Appearances

Celebrity appearances are one of the great ways to attract attention and publicity to an event. The number of events held each year ranging from the openings of restaurants to hotels, launches of perfumes, clothing lines or books all benefit from celebrit...

01st February 2011

Canvas Prints

You know those old pictures that are stored on your laptop? Have you considered turning them into canvas prints? It’s really easy to create colourful canvas prints and you don’t even need to leave the house to benefit from creative canvases. Grab yo...

31st January 2011

Celebrity Booking Agents

If you have really wanted to give your party or event a real lift and a buzz then hiring a celebrity could really be the option you are looking for. As celebrity booking agents is one of the premier companies that can supply this ...

24th January 2011

Gravestones from

Gravestones Whatever the type of gravestone or memorial headstone you’re looking to purchase or find more information about, you want to know that you’re getting something of quality that will stand the test of time – but you don’t want to be ripped of...

21st January 2011

Discover a Quality Corporate Photographer London

If you're looking for the best corporate photographer London then use the Internet as a research tool. You should be looking for a photographer who has a great deal of experience in creating magnificent corporate photography London and at extremely compet...

20th January 2011

Salsa band -

Salsa band – When you are looking for a top salsa or party band for any event, you will have several key priorities. You will want to find a band that can offer a variety of different styles to match every possible taste, with set lis...