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04th July 2010

Answering services for business benefits

Customer service is the key to any business in today's competitive and dynamic business world. Many companies move a step ahead of their competitors if they manage to have the phones answered by a professional on a 24 hour basis when needed. Here most of ...

02nd July 2010

How to choose a cheap virtual PBX service

With the ever increasing competition in the business world, it is very important for a company to have an efficient communication system for it to be successful. Hosted PBX virtual phone service is the best option for small business firms to successfully ...

30th June 2010

Toll free numbers and start up businesses

If you are concerned about the accessibility of your business to different clients in this age of tight competition, the best way to reduce your concerns would be by taking the toll free number. Once you have the toll free number, no longer you have to wo...

28th June 2010

The marketing scope of 800 numbers

If they are implemented correctly, the 800 numbers would prove to be a powerful and efficient marketing tool. They trigger instant brand recognition in the minds of customers if used wisely. Usually the vanity 800 numbers attract the attention spontaneous...

25th June 2010

800 numbers; the best marketing tools

In our daily life we come across numerous 800 numbers. The numbers have been appearing in the billboards, hoardings and countless other places in the form of telemarketer calling or a business number and also on the call waiting. Sometimes it does seem to...

23rd June 2010

Perks in using VoIP services

The communication industry is booming with options these days. There are numerous ways to communicate with people using cell phones, landline phones, chat engines etc. but when it comes to finding a cheap and effective means of voice based communication, ...

22nd June 2010

The three different categories of VoIP

Which would be the next revolutionary wave in the IT field? Undoubtedly it would be the Voice over IP or VoIP as it is widely known. But the drawback is that most of the lay consumers do not know how to make efficient use of VoIP technology. Basically ...

21st June 2010

An overview of custom toll free numbers

Reliable communication services which are fast and cheap are in high demand in today's global business environment. Here the companies with toll free numbers have an edge over the competition as toll free numbers provide the ability to connect with both l...

14th June 2010

The benefits of using iphone for sending internet fax

The iphone have hit the market with a great plunge and every customer is striving to buy the handset along with the iphone accessories. The handset had been so popular since many find it interesting and are ready to spend a fortune to buy the iphone. The ...

09th June 2010

The features of virtual PBX services

For facilitating business communication, the virtual PBX phone solutions have been largely utilized. The features of virtual PBX include automated call answering and routing systems which is of great use to the business concerns. The main attraction of vi...

02nd June 2010

Understanding the need for using email fax

A number of reasons can be cited for using the email fax these days. The biggest reason being the convenience in using the faxing method. By using an email fax, there is no need to search around for a fax location since you would be able to send and recei...

01st June 2010

An overview of the VoIP service providers

These days the whole idea of making telephone calls or long distance calls come under the concept of VoIP services. the reasons for this change is clear as the VoIP services are much more cost effective and people tend to opt for it obviously for economic...