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29th July 2009

Use internet phone service and go a step forward with technologies

An Internet phone is nothing but inconsequential-resembling equipment like an electronic adapter with flashing lights on the front and a few in the back. Increase in competition has brought down the prices of VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) service. T...

26th July 2009

Toll free numbers are much effective than alocal numbers

In 1934 in United Kingdom "transferred charge service" was introduced by the post office. First service was originated on May 2nd 1967. The major companies to use toll free number were Marriott Hotels, Roadway Inns, Sheraton Hotels and many more. It can a...

17th July 2009

Overview of Electronic Fax Machine

The word "Fax" is derived from the word facsimile i.e. "make a copy" and the word telefax is derived from telefacsimile which means "make a copy at a distance". In some industries fax is also called as a Telecopier. A fax machine is a machine used to tran...

16th July 2009

Overview of Automated Phone Attendant

Automated phone attendant makes your business look like a multinational company. It deals with the incoming calls of the company in a professional manner. It transfers the callers to a live operator or to an extension. It is the best alternative of an ope...

09th July 2009

The New Small Business Article for You

Starting your own small business needs a lot of things to reform. Even if you already have a solid customer base and a bunch of dedicated employees, there are still other matters to think. This includes office space, the type of Information Technology str...

07th July 2009

Toll free number can increase profit of a company

A toll free number can increase the sales of your business. If a company advertises his toll free number in the sales ad it can bring in 30% more orders. Additionally, statistics show that product return rates can be decreased by as much as half if a toll...

01st July 2009

IP Telephony an Empowering Tool for Consultants

Working in an office for a long time will make anyone an expert at what they do. But when you've been in the corporate world for that long, you may begin feeling tired and uninterested. To use the experience you've acquired and to breathe life into you...

29th June 2009

Be More Professional with a Business Phone Service

A business phone service must be one of the first things to consider when you're establishing a new business or else setting up a remote office. This type of phone system lets you communicate with your workforce, whether they're working from home or in on...