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08th December 2010

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Internet Fax Service

Selecting the right Internet fax service is a decision that calls for a lot of thought and consideration as all forms of communication are critically important for the survival and growth of any business - and more so, in today's competitive scenario. ...

23rd November 2010

Advantages of VoIP Service for Business

There is a steady increase in the demand for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service amongst business enterprises because of its manifold features and functionalities that are positively useful for improving business efficiency and overall produ...

23rd November 2010

How Can A Person Send Fax Online?

Sending and receiving fax messages is a crucial component of business communications and organization can ill-afford not to have fax facility. Thanks to the technological advancements, you can today send and receive fax messages online. Online fax is a...

23rd November 2010

Is Internet Phone Service Right for You?

Internet phone service is fast becoming a basic and almost indispensable business requirement. This is only to be expected as we are living in the age of the Internet and there is hardly any business enterprise without web presence. In earlier times, y...

23rd November 2010

How Internet Fax Works?

Internet faxing is a technological boon for the entire business community as all types of documents like MS Word documents, PDF files and scanned images can be attached to an Email and faxed to an analog fax machine. Yet another blessing is Internet faxin...

23rd November 2010

Advantages of Using Email Fax Services

Email fax service has numerous advantages over the traditional methods of faxing that are not only cumbersome but quite often frustrating. Please know if you are still sticking to the conventional faxing methods and not switched over to an email fax servi...

19th November 2010

Pros of Internet Fax

Internet or email fax is one of the greatest blessings of modern day technology. It has several advantages over the traditional methods of faxing. Businesses that are still not availing the facility of Internet fax service are presumably unaware of the pl...

18th November 2010

Choosing Best VoIP Phone Service Wisely

We are living in the age of the Internet and having VoIP phone system for your business is indeed a wise decision. Or, rather not having VoIP system is going to keep you out of the race and make you lose business to competition. Of course, VoIP is not ...

08th November 2010

Importance of VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system is the latest technology that enables making of telephone calls using the Internet. VoIP is adding new dimensions and altering business communications in a big way. Succinctly stated, VoIP converts analog v...

03rd November 2010

Toll Free Number Revolution

As most of us are aware, a toll-free or 800 number is a special type of phone number in which the caller to the number is not charged and the cost is recoverable from the called party. The called party or the one that holds the toll-free number is obliged...

02nd November 2010

Cheap Virtual Phone Service

Given today's global economy where competition and business rivalry are getting increasingly fierce, most business enterprises have come to recognize the need for an efficient communication system. Most analysts agree that a hosted PBX virtual phone servi...

29th October 2010

Toll Free Numbers for Your Small Business

The basic attraction of toll-free numbers for small business is the customers and other business associates can make calls without the need to pay for them. This can mean customers will be encouraged to call more frequently leading to greater customer int...

25th October 2010

How to Find a Dependable VoIP Service Provider?

Selecting the right VoIP service provider can be quite confusing as each VoIP service provider will offer a variety of services, prices, and additional features. It is therefore essential that you are clear in your mind what exactly you require - so that ...

21st October 2010

How to Perform an 800 Number Check

It is common knowledge that 800 (toll-free) numbers are used by established business organizations to encourage their customers and other business associates to contact them as these calls are not charged to the caller. As 800 numbers are mostly owned by ...

18th October 2010

Pros of VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service has taken the communication world by storm. In fact, when using a VoIP system, you are using the Internet for making telephone calls instead of the conventional phone lines. The advantages of VoIP serv...