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29th January 2010

LG GW620- the Budget Android Phone

LG GW620 is the first Android phone released in UK. It is also popularly known as LG In Touch Max. It is a budget Android handset featuring a very handy sliding out QWERTY for fast text input. It is the most exclusive handset with the most affordable pri...

27th January 2010

BlackBerry Bold vs. BlackBerry Storm – The close rivals

BlackBerry smart phones though have captured a lot of people's imaginations but these two models are very close competitors having distinctive variations puzzling the selective buyer. In connectivity, BlackBerry Bold is greatly supported by HSDPA network ...

26th January 2010

LG GD900 Crystal – an amazing 3G innovation

LG GD900 Crystal is a perfect mobile with transparent slide out touch sensitive keypad which makes it truly elegant. It is a very stylish 3G smart phone with built in 3 inches TFT 3D touch screen which has the powerful version to display innumerable colou...

19th January 2010

LG GC 900 Viewty Smart – high priced mobile

LG GC 900 Viewty Smart is the latest camera phone; Viewty Smart is basically an up gradation of the original variety with inclusion of extra smarts. It is not really what the name suggests; it is not a smart phone but it has definitely all the perfect i...

19th January 2010

Nokia N97 mini Vs. Nokia N97- the unbeatable pairs

Nokia N97 mini is a diverse mobile with innumerable beautiful themes to be downloaded; from abstract, to animals, brands, cars and bikes, cartoons or animations, landscapes, love, people, sport, tech and several others where as Nokia N97 is one of the t...

19th January 2010

Samsung Tocco Lite vs. LG Cookie – the incomparable options

Samsung Tocco Lite is a unique experience which has to be widely explored. It has win 2000, XP, Vista OS with an excellent version. It is said to be Samsung PC studio, with a full touch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera resolution. The magnificent digital zo...

15th January 2010

Samsung Jet vs. Nokia X6 - Tough and most popular competitors

Samsung Jet popularly known as Samsung 8000 is a unique product of AMOLED technology with fabulous 800 MHz Application. It has a perfect touch screen with a web Kit browser called Dolfin exclusively for Jet. However, Nokia X6 popularly known as Xpress Mus...

15th January 2010

Nokia E72 vs. Nokia E71 – Smart and simple competitive choices

Nokia E72 is an exceptionally high performance device, equipped with comprehensive push email support, outstanding quality 5 megapixel camera, intuitive optical Navi TM key and highly integrated QWERTY keypad. It is made with a superb makeover and is en...

15th January 2010

Nokia N900 – an extremely wise choice for all

Nokia N900 is the great combination of the most elegant touch screen and most powerful computer. It is simply a perfect device which is artfully tailored and enriched with excellent capabilities for wide and effective communication. It is unimaginably hig...

15th January 2010

HTC Hero vs Nokia 5800 – The unimaginable beauties in their own style

HTC Hero is the third handset of HTC; highly powered by Android system. This phone will not only fit your life perfectly but also is bound to bring you closer to the people you care the most and it will certainly surprise you with its exciting integrate...

14th January 2010

Samsung Omnia HD – real invention of brilliance

Samsung Omnia HD is a wide Smartphone with par excellence features. It has an AMOLED capacitive and attractive touch screen which is extremely tempting and truly unavoidable. It's beautifully crafted with a superb and scratch resistant surface. The sound ...

12th January 2010

BlackBerry 8900 Curve Javelin – an exclusive phone for special class of people

BlackBerry 8900 Curve Javelin is also simply called BlackBerry Curve 8900. It is a T mobile with stylish casing and several user friendly Smartphone integrations. This unique featured phone comes with attractive design casing truly wider as compared to th...

12th January 2010

Free PS3 (Play Station) deals with phones

Are you searching for certain deals that can help you to win Play Station 3 for free? Check out free PS3 deals with phones. These are exclusive deals that the mobile phone companies are offering free of cost on purchasing contract mobile phones. The mar...

08th January 2010

Nokia 6700 classic – An intelligent choice

Nokia 6700 classic is a highly stylish and multifunctional smart phone that will certainly have this twin benefit offer for you. It not only let you have treasured photographs but also will help you easily find the location which you were desperately se...

08th January 2010

Free iPod Deals with phones

Mobile phone deals are now complete entertainment packages. The manufacturers and the retailers design the deals in such a way that the customers get the maximum benefit of enjoying the best of mobile telephony along with the hottest new offers. The man...