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08th April 2009


Making a comparison between two smart phones is a very tough task for everyone. The job gets even tougher, when the two handsets you have to compare are the HTC Touch and the Nokia N97. Both these handsets were produced by renowned brands, and both are pa...

08th April 2009

Buying HTC Touch Diamond 2

Mobile phones have really made it very easy and simple to talk with your near and dear ones. No matter, whether they are living in same country or the other. It becomes even easier and more enjoyable when it comes to HTC Touch Diamond 2 mobile phone. Basi...

08th April 2009

HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC Touch Diamond 2 comes in brilliant looks and with amazing intuitive functions and many more excellent features. Needless to say, the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is one of the latest and innovative mobile phone models from HTC mobile brand. This handset works ...

08th April 2009

Sleek and Sexy Blackberry 8900 Curve

Newly released only late last year, the sleek and sexy Blackberry 8900 Curve handset is the latest addition to the Blackberry Curve family series. When looking for a phone that can multi-task a variety of business and personal functions quickly, this is t...

08th April 2009

The Must-Have Blackberry 9500 Storm

This proud addition to the impressive Blackberry family will impress you with its features. It is not lightweight as what you've come to expect because of its many hardware applications. But you will be satisfied once you get used to it because you will f...

08th April 2009

Blackberry 9500 Storm

This heavy 155-g handset by Blackberry is intended to rival the iPhone in terms of features and usability. No wonder tech junkies give this beautiful handset high marks with its impressive features all put in just a half-inch thick stylish case. This hand...

08th April 2009

The Stylish User-friendly Blackberry 9000 Bold

When thinking of buying a new Blackberry to upgrade your handset, then the Blackberry 9000 Bold is your most logical choice. It is packed with many features for business applications like opening and editing text files, spreadsheets, PowerPoint and PDF fi...

08th April 2009

The Powerful Blackberry 9000 Bold

The latest addition to the prestigious and popular Blackberry family is Blackberry 9000 Bold. It is designed for heavy biz users but is suitable for the family as well. It comes with a host of useful and powerful features like the greatly improved softwar...

08th April 2009

Stylishly Elegant Blackberry 8900 Curve

It is not everyday that we witness the birth of a truly outstanding handset packed with features. This was what happened when the Blackberry 8900 Curve was introduced to the British market late year and has since enjoyed brisk sales and outstanding review...