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13th March 2009

What’s Eco-Friendly Traveling?

Most travelers unknowingly add to the rising amount of junk in our landfills on our green Earth. Here are some simple, green tips that can help you travel without ruining the Earth. Here are some informative ones that can educate you on traveling in the m...

12th March 2009

9 Cool FunMo Mobile Applications

Wanna make life more exciting with crazy ringtones and cool wallpapers? Worry not, coz you can find tons of free ringtones and top wallpapers online. Decorating your mobile with the latest wallpapers and pics makes one stand out among others. Mobile a...

12th March 2009

Universal Appeal for Cell Phone Chargers

Here's one piece of news that's music to the ears for cell phone users across the world. GSMA has announced that they'll be coming out with a single universal charger for all cell phones (except Apple). Now cell users needn't worry about carrying their ow...