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07th February 2011

How to Perform Toll Free Number Check

As most of us are aware, a toll free number is a telephone number that a caller can make calls without having to pay any charges. The charges are payable by the individual or business house that is receiving the calls. Toll-free numbers are more common...

02nd February 2011

How to Select Internet Fax Service

To avail the Internet fax or Email fax facility, you have to tie up with an online fax service provider who will convert a facsimile transmission into a digital file that can be received by you via email. Internet fax is rapidly catching up and because...

11th January 2011

800 Numbers and Its Best Features

With more and more business enterprises beginning to recognize 800 numbers as a cost-effective marketing tool, the demand for of toll free 800 numbers is steadily on the increase. Gone are the days when it was believed that 800 numbers were the exclusive ...

11th January 2011

Internet Fax Service and Its Information

We are living in the age of the computers and Internet has opened up immense possibilities - particularly in the field of business communications. Internet or Email Fax Services are the latest innovations and it lets you receive and send faxes to any part...

11th January 2011

Toll Free Numbers Can Raise Your Business

There is no denying that having a toll-free number will go a long way in helping businesses to develop a brand image and gain increased customer recognition. It is therefore worthwhile to examine the various benefits that business houses can derive by own...

11th January 2011

How Virtual PBX Phone Works

PBX is the commonly used acronym for Private Branch Exchange whose basic functions are to receive all incoming calls, put calls on hold and transfer them to the desired extension points, and re-transfer the calls if necessary. The traditional PBX looked b...

11th January 2011

What Are the Benefits of Using IP Phone?

IP telephony is an advanced technology that enables audio, video, wired as well as wireless communication, through the use of Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Internet Protocol Phone or IP phone offers a host of benefits like cost savings, scalability, le...

11th January 2011

How Does Virtual PBX Service Work?

As most of us are aware, PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange that have the ability to keep calls on hold, transfer calls, pick up at the transferred point, then re-transfer if need be and a host of such facilities. PBX looked bulky and uncouth i...

11th January 2011

Benefits of Toll Free Vanity Number

A vanity number has multifarious benefits for all types of businesses regardless of their size and scale of operations. The foremost benefit of vanity toll free telephone numbers is that you will start receiving more business calls from your clients than ...

10th January 2011

Advantages of Internet Phone Service

The principle behind VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system or the Internet Phone service is quite simple. Shorn of all technical jargons, it may be described as converting sound into data before sending it over the Internet, and then re-convert...

28th December 2010

Benefits of using Internet Fax Service

All business houses will uniformly agree that using an Internet or email fax service has a host of advantages that were not available with traditional faxing. Such of those businesses that have still not switched over to the Internet fax service are unawa...

11th December 2010

Tips for Getting a Cheap 800 Number Online

It is indeed a fact that more and more business houses are clamoring to have cheap 800 numbers and the demand for these toll-free numbers has steadily increased over the years. This spurt in demand for toll free cheap 800 numbers is primarily due to th...

11th December 2010

The Need of Toll Free Numbers in Your Business

In the business, communication is more important because without proper communication you cannot be successful in your business. For proper communication, you need to have proper communication equipment. It is well-known fact that the telephone is the mos...

11th December 2010

Benefits of Choosing 800 Series Number

During earlier times, 800 numbers were available exclusively for the privileged few - mostly major corporations who had multiple phone lines. The situation, however, has since changed and today many mid- sized as well as small businesses are able to enjoy...

11th December 2010

Pros and Cons of Using VoIP Phone Service

Considering all Web based applications, it must be acknowledged that one of the most remarkable innovations is Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service. The biggest advantage of VOIP is the enormous saving of money on the phone bills as phone cal...