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26th February 2010

How to use your Cell phone to make International Calls

To most people the concept of making an international call through their cell phones can be a very scary thing given the fact that if they are not 100% sure about what they're doing the costs can be quite high and the fact of the matter is that if you are...

26th February 2010

Things to Avoid when Using a Telephone Calling Card

When people are randomly asked about what is it the one thing that they should avoid when buying a telephone calling card they usually say something like "buy the cheapest one" however, price is not always as important as many other factors that indirectl...

26th February 2010

How to buy and use a Phone Calling Card

If you think that buying and using a phone calling card is something not worth reading about then think again, buying and using a phone call card can be rather tricky especially when you consider the many types of phone calling cards and restrictions that...

26th February 2010

AT&T International Long Distance Costs vs. Calling Cards

International long distance dialing can be a very tricky business, especially for consumers or looking to get the most of the lowest rates possible. Consumers are often presented with several choices, a person can choose to use an international calling pl...

26th February 2010

5 Reasons why Phone Cards Haven't Died

With the introduction of new technologies into the market more and more people wonder why is it that these so-called outdated calling cards haven't yet died? Why is it that there is still a healthy demand for calling cards and white hands and voice over ...

26th February 2010

Disadvantages of PC to phone Calling

If you have ever considered turning your computer into a phone then you might want to think about it twice because as cool as the idea is, the truth of the matter is that it is not very practical and the fees might be a little bit higher than you would ex...