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14th May 2009

Love, the essence of the Universe

Love is the greatest dictum True Universal Teacher is She ! Love is the greatest Meditation Celestial Deity great is Love ! All Epics & Poesis symbolise Love The essence of the Vedas is She ! All poems extoll Love Love is praised by all Ethics...

14th May 2009

Sri Yantra, the Holographic Universe !

From the central dot, the Bindu, symbolic of the Absolute Self, rises the holographic universe.Sri Yantra is a Master Plan of Manifestation. The digits 15 and 16, called Pancha Dasa and Shodasadasa have sacred significance in Sacred Geometry. When...

14th May 2009

An Octet to the Lord !

Can Sacred Music activate the Kundalini ? The answer is Yes ! Listening to Sacred Music and becoming aware of its meaning can transport us to celestial heights. I have been hearing this Sacred Music lately ( and I have put a lot of Music videos on my s...

14th May 2009

An Octet to the Nourishing Mother !

It is Cosmic Creative Intelligence, which is relatively Absolute and absolutely relative, which sustains the universe. The entire Cosmos is Her play and display ( Chit Vilasa Prapanchoyam ). Annapoorna Ishwari is the Nourishing aspect of the Mother Di...

01st May 2009

Love and Truth takes birth !

Universal Love took birth in Puttaparthi. To shower Grace on all humanity ! In the Divina Commedia Beatrice criticises Dante for following Philosophy and not Religion. There are Thesis and Anti Thesis in Philosophy. There are doctrines which are antith...

01st May 2009

The Eightfold Prosperity ( contd )

We have said that Prosperity does not mean mere wealth, but is wealth accompanied by Bliss and happiness. The Mother Divine can give eighteen types of wealth like Wisdom Health Happiness Longevity Fame Knowledge Courage VIctory Famous childr...

01st May 2009

The Song of the Overself

The Song of the Overself Who am I ? This is the question mankind has been asking from times immemmorial. Am I the body-mind-intellect complex ? Have I any reality beyond the senses five ? Is there a God ? Is there a God outside ? Or is He inside ...

22nd April 2009

Spiritual Tourism III - Heavens on Earth

Unknown Spiritual Spots - Tirunelli - A mystic journey When TV people were talking about Kerala as an alternative tourist spot to the disturbed areas of Lanka and Kashmir, I was remi...

22nd April 2009

Spiritual Tourism IV - Heavens on Earth

The Mystic Village that is Maitreyi The ancient Seer-Poets of India communed with Nature, communed with the Infinite and their collective wisdom came to be known as the Vedas. It is said that the Vedas are Sruthi, that is th...

22nd April 2009

The Sidereal Transit of Saturn II

Moon Sign Capricorn - Saturn is extremely malefic in the 8th. All sorts of impediments and obstacles crop up in your path. Melancholy marks you for her own during this dark phase .Misunderstandings with loved ones. Enemy trouble indicated. You are forewa...

22nd April 2009

The Sidereal Transit of Jupiter II

How Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius Will Affect You? Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius (Jupiter entered Sagittarius on Nov 21 and will stay there for 361 days, which is known as a Jupiterian Year or a Barhaspathya in Sanskrit ) Moon S...

22nd April 2009

The Fivefold Elemental Therapy I

The Fivefold Elemental Therapy is called Pancha Bhootopasana. Panch Bhootas are the Five Great Elements, Ether, Air. Fire, Water and Earth. All the Five Great Elements are the Five Doctors, as per the principle "Annam Brahma". Ether Therapy is cal...