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23rd November 2009

How to avoid fake perfumes in an online world

The worry of buying fake products online is a concern that every consumer holds, the threat of having product that are substandard delivered is a constant and powerful problem. This article will look at some of these worries and ask if there are any ways ...

13th November 2009

Discover Whether Fragrances Need to be Defined as Masculine or Feminine

Traditionally fragrances have been defined by both the olfactive groups that they fit into as well as whether the fragrance is masculine or feminine. Is there really a definite line to be drawn between masculine and feminine fragrances though? The major...

02nd November 2009

How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party the Best Yet

Have you ever noticed that children like to party just as much as adults? So next time you have a child's birthday coming up, how are you going to celebrate it? A family party? Well that would be fine but I expect the kids find that a little bit dull i...

21st October 2009

Cosmetics, a historic phenomenon

Cosmetics are roughly defined as substances that enhance or promote the appearance of the human body and have been around for many thousands of years. This article will look at cosmetics over the years, their different types, and their attraction to past ...

19th October 2009

Modern Culture and the Celebrity Fragrance

Modern culture is obsessed with celebrity, almost no element of the media is impervious from the intoxicating pull of using celebrity to help sales. In short, if a newspaper or magazine puts a well known celebrity on their front cover it helps shift units...

09th October 2009

Discover the History behind Celebrity Perfumes

Many people feel that the current proliferation of celebrity endorsed perfumes lining the shelves of our perfumeries are somewhat of a recent phenomenon. The 2002 Coty scent ‘Glow' by Jennifer "J-Lo" Lopez is often credited with kick-starting the trend...

08th October 2009

Discover the Difference between Modern Digital Cameras

Digital cameras fall into several categories based on functionality and quality, here are few common terms: DIGITAL COMPACT Also referred to as ‘point and shoot', these cameras are the least expensive and are under £100. They can come with more f...

05th October 2009

Discover Why a School Disco Isn’t a Disco Without a Good DJ

Schools in the United States have been holding "proms" at the end of the academic year since the 1800s and references started appearing in year-books from the 1930s. This long established tradition is now gaining popularity in the UK but from party to pr...

28th September 2009

How To Choose The Perfect Perfume For Autumn

As the nights quickly draw in and the weather dramatically cools down its time for you to put away the bright and fresh summer fragrances and look for something a little richer that matches the slightly heavier yet homely mood that most people associate w...

28th September 2009

Discover why and how to decant perfume

Amongst the perfumistas decanting from the large 50ml or 100ml bottles that perfumes tend to be purchased in is a fairly common occurrence. But why would anyone want to decant perfumes, and if they do how would they go about doing it? There are a va...

28th September 2009

Discover The Best Ways To Apply Perfume

Applying perfume is one of those things that seems to be so straightforward; but is your technique really working as well for you as it could be? There are a few common methods, you can spray some on your wrists, dab it behind your ears or possibly spray...

31st July 2009

Hotel venues shouldn’t buy AV equipment!

As an audio visual supplier we often get asked by hotel venues what equipment to buy; my answer is none! In this article I discuss the pitfalls and propose an alternative solution. It's blue sky thinking: a multimedia audio visual system that is futur...

27th July 2009

Educate and Entertain Your Children This Summer with Kids Flash Games

The development of Adobe Flash (previously Macromedia Flash) has really helped in developing the children's online games genre. Whereas older children and adults are constantly demanding better graphics and more immersive gameplay, the bright and simplist...

27th July 2009

Schools out for Summer! How to Beat boredom with kids PC games

The summer holidays present parents with an annual problem - how to keep children entertained without spending a small fortune, particularly when it's raining outside. Internet games for kids are a great and innovative option and with fantastic new tec...

27th June 2009

Learn how Online Adventure Games for Kids Can Entertain and Educate

One of the most favorite words in every child's vocabulary is adventure. And with summer just around the corner, kids are on the lookout for new and exciting things to fill the long and hot summer days. If you've run out of places to visit and are loo...