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03rd December 2010

Mobile VoIP Calls

Mobile phones are small and can be carried anywhere. In addition, taking the mobile VoIP calls service would definitely ignite the fire. The advantages of these handset VoIP calls are infinite which people would realise only when they practically take the...

03rd November 2010

PC-to-PC connections

There are many VOIP service providers out there, and more cropping up on a regular basis. That means there is a demand for these providers to offer even lower cost services than they already do. In an effort to increase customers, some providers are now o...

03rd November 2010

Free VoIP is here now

Free VoIP is here now, are you prepared for this service? In a matter of minutes you could be set-up and making calls with your free Voip service. Voip is the future for telecommunication, its taking the internet and business communities by storm. Gettin...

03rd November 2010

PC-to-Phone Service

Free Internet phones enable you to make no-charge long distance calls in return for watching advertisements the phone provider may run on the service. PC-to-PC. This Internet phone service allows you to make free phone calls from one computer to anoth...

24th September 2010

International VOIP Calling

VoIP has opened multitude of opportunities for business houses. Taken up in the right way this technology has help an organisation to more than double their profits at minimum capital investment. The best part is that you don't have to be a technology wiz...

24th September 2010

The Free Way for VoIP

VoIP comes in various avatars. You can utilise VoIP services through your computer or laptop with Internet connection. Now you have VoIP enabled phones. Some VoIP phones come with Skype facilities while others have Messenger service. VoIP phones can be us...

24th September 2010

VoIP over IP service

VoIP services offer an assortment of flexible features which makes it the ideal choice of many. From small-to-large scale companies dealing in different services to residentials', everyone can migrate to IP telephony to enhance the way they communicate an...

24th September 2010

VoIP in the Home

VoIP works like email. TCP/IP networks consist of IP packets with a header for controlling communication and information for transportating data. VoIP uses the IP packets to send the human voice across the Internet using IP packets to its destination. PC...

07th September 2010

There are many specific benefits of managed VoIP

Managed VoIP services are a solution for all these dilemmas. Here a third party service provides would offer all the equipment, software, operations facilities and technical expertise. Thus a company can easily utilize the benefits of an IP enabled phone ...

07th September 2010

There are a lot of voip providers providing cheap international calls

Home users will not generally make such large savings with VoIP as they typically don't make as many calls. They are not going to make hundreds every day. Large savings can still be made though. This is especially the case if they have family or friends a...

07th September 2010

Choosing your VoIP provider

People often wonder why VoIP providers can charge far less than there traditional counterparts. Unlike the phone company, VoIP service providers don't have to have big offices, millions of miles of copper wire and fiber optic cable to carry your voice fro...

07th September 2010

Basics About VoIP providers

Large businesses are more likely to have their own custom-built VoIP infrastructures for unified communications. Hosted VoIP services are available for small to medium companies that don't want their own PBX. While not as fully customizable as an in-house...

16th August 2010

Save Money with VoIP

There are many value added services offered by the various VOIP service providers. For example, there is voice mail facility, 3-way conference, speed dialing, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, call waiting, caller ID, call return, caller ID block, anony...

16th August 2010

VoIP makes sense for a lot of reasons

VoIP makes sense for a lot of reasons. For one, you can have itwherever you have an Internet connection. There are no wires to run, no"telephone poles" to sink, no switches. If you have Internetconnectivity you can take your so-called "home phone" with yo...

16th August 2010

Free International Call

While phoning is free, any additional web access costs need to be taken into account. With unmetered broadband packages there's unlikely to be an additional cost from making the calls. Yet dial-up users, those on metered or limited broadband packages and ...