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05th July 2010

All that you need to know about printing Photos on Canvas

Digital photo printing on canvas is a trend now, as many people are decorating their homes and offices with this beautiful modern wall art. Photo to canvas print transforms your digital pictures into a beautiful artwork to let you cherish your sweet past ...

30th June 2010

About gallery wrap stretcher bars

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are in vogue nowadays. These are the canvas prints without any frames and simply stretched on a stretcher. A stretcher is a frame made up of stretcher bars on which the canvas was stretched originally. It serves as an interna...

30th June 2010

Digital photo printing – revolutionizing the world of photography and imaging

Digital photo printing has changed the way we looked at photography in general. Digital technology has made it possible for even amateurs to produce excellent photographs. This technology has also made it possible to achieve photo printing on canvas with ...

25th June 2010

Photos to Canvas Printing – a brief

Printing photos on canvas has become a trend these days. The texture and surface of the canvas is much nicer compared to traditional paper and suitable for large size printing. Photos to canvas prints are an excellent form of modern wall art, as the high ...

25th June 2010

Vintage Travel Posters

We all strive to capture the glorious past in our own different ways. One charming way to relive the era gone by is through vintage travel posters. These posters originated with the esteemed art of lithography and serigraphic technique of preparing artwor...

08th June 2010

Custom canvas printing – for Obtaining Affordable works of art

Constantly evolving technology has now made possible what was once the luxury of only the rich and the famous - that of owning canvas paintings. With custom canvas printing, it is now possible to have one's favorite pictures converted to canvas prints, mu...

29th May 2010

How about getting your digital photos on canvas?

Digital cameras have transformed the way photographs were taken and preserved so far. Traditional photography has made way for digital ways, where you preview your taken picture right away after the click. Taking it yet one step further, some print servic...

25th May 2010

How to Order for Prints of your photos on canvas

Taking a photograph seizes the moment forever and enables you to recollect the memory of the person, place or object, whenever you want. Traditionally printed photographs were put in to a standard size of photo albums; then came even larger photo albums f...

25th May 2010

An Introduction to Canvas stretchers and canvas stretcher bars

If there is something that has not yet changed despite all technological advancements and progress, it is the image of an artist. Try imagining an artist for a second and you will not see a geek sitting in front of a computer (though computers are heavily...

23rd May 2010

Photos on Canvas - The New Way to Show it Big before others

The science and technology of printing has undergone tremendous improvements in recent times. With the proliferation of digital technology and with the help of sophisticated and powerful printers, printing today has become more exciting and thrilling than...

21st May 2010

A brief about art stretcher bars

An artist's work doesn't just stop with the artwork. The presentation of the artwork is also a key aspect of the artist's work. This is where the stretcher bar comes into picture. In fact, not only for presentation, but these bars are also used for suppor...

21st May 2010

Canvas prints - helping your special moments stay ‘special’

You often hear this whenever you are up to something to remember and cherish - "Say cheese!" Yes. Capturing images and adding them to one's memorabilia has been a universal fashion across cultures, and traditions; even when the technology of clicking pic...

21st May 2010

Laser Hair Removal in Denver

Unwanted hair may make you appear you a complete mess. Hair, the crown jewel of human species, is also one of the most bothersome appendages to the human body. We shave, wax, electrocute ourselves and go through numerous procedures just to tame them and k...

20th May 2010

Things to Consider before Choosing Canvas Prints

Photos canvas prints are some of the best means of decorating one's home. They add to the overall appeal of a room. One can install these home decors in the living areas, bedrooms as well as in the dinning area. For this, it is important that you choose r...

14th May 2010

A brief about the Process of printing Digital Arts

Before choosing any digital art prints service, it is very important to know the printing process and quality. While your pre-printed photograph may look good in the view-finder, it will look completely different when printed on a canvas. Actually, the ma...