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23rd December 2009

Internet Calls: Voip technology for cheap calling

For those who may not be aware, the latest technology to revolutionize the world of communication is VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Internet calls based on VoIP are routed over the IP networks and users can avail a host of value-added features witho...

22nd December 2009

Five Reasons for Using Internet Fax Service

The steadily increasing use of the Internet and the existing popularity of email have together led to the emergence of Internet faxing as a means of business communication. The conventional method of faxing is becoming obsolete as the procedure is cumb...

18th December 2009

Answering rules services facility offered by RingCentral

Answering rules services facility offered by RingCentral can be immensely helpful to all subscribers. You can direct callers to voicemail, extensions and alternate phone numbers based on date and time, date range, and caller ID including the number they d...

17th December 2009

Overview of RingCentral Mobile

To those who may not be aware, RingCentral Mobile is an iPhone application that provides access to your RingCentral voicemails and faxes and provides a host of other features including: The RingCentral number will be displayed as the Caller ID when mak...

15th December 2009

Is a VoIP service right for you?

As with many other purchases, there are a number of factors that you should consider to arrive at an informed decision whether Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is right for you. To avail a VoIP service, it is necessary for you to have the right...

11th December 2009

Internet Fax Services and Free Email Fax Software by RingCentral

RingCentral Internet Fax is tailor-made for self-employed professionals and small businesses. In today's fast-paced business world, it is essential you arm yourself with modern tools to enhance your company's business communications. Business owners ca...

11th December 2009

What is RingCentral DigitalLine VoIP and how it works

To state briefly, RingCentral DigitalLine means transforming your RingCentral Online account into a total business communication solution. If you have DigitalLine you can handle both incoming and outgoing calls through your broadband Internet connection. ...

09th December 2009

VOIP technology in call centers

To those who may be less familiar, call center technology consists of automated phone systems capable of answering incoming phone calls and performing outbound autodialing. A call center is a group of telephone agents who receive incoming calls and/or mak...

07th December 2009

Ringcentral 800 toll free Number

It is now common knowledge that 800 toll free numbers provides business enterprises a big business image. This apart, toll free numbers lets customers to call you for free and this should motivate more and more customers to call and call you often. Quite ...

27th November 2009

Ringcentral iphone - How works and its Features

To enjoy the features of RingCentral iPhone, all you have to do is to add a Business Phone System to your iPhone. Select a toll free business number, set up your auto-receptionist, company greeting and call forwarding feature from your iPhone. Thereafter ...

26th November 2009

Things You Need to Know about VoIP Technology

VOIP is the buzz word everywhere and it is time you understood the VOIP technology and why it is usurping the traditional telephone system. VOIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, or simply stated, it is phone service over the Internet. If yo...

26th November 2009

Technological Advances in Ringcentral VoIP Phone

VOIP technology has sufficiently advanced and has today emerged as a telephone system that offers several advantages - apart from a huge savings particularly in long distance phone calls. Many businesses have understood that VOIP system contributes to inc...

26th November 2009

How to Save Money with VOIP Phone features

The writing on the wall is clear for all to see that VOIP telephone services and IP telephony are emerging globally as the latest technology in communications. Many large companies are switching over to VOIP telephone systems to interact more regularly wi...

26th November 2009

How does the iphone work?

As you may be aware, iPhone is a cellular phone created by Apple. The device combines an iPod music/video player, a cell phone, an internet web and email client, and a handheld application platform. The iPhone 3GS (2009) has up to 32 GB of storage space f...

25th November 2009

VOIP network coverage of the VOIP companies

One of the legitimate concerns of the existing and intending subscribers of VOIP phone services is - would there be enough network coverage to justify the switching over to VOIP system as the phone communication is through Internet. It is a fact that V...