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01st February 2010

Using VoIP to call internationally

VoIP can be significantly cheaper than regular landline telephone calls; a cost saving that becomes even more significant when compared to using mobile phones. This difference is even bigger with international calls. VoIP calls are made via an internet co...

22nd January 2010

The Changing Role of Women

In the past women were in many ways thought of as being inferior to men. The typical lifestyle among families was for women to stay at home while men worked, and this was the accepted way of life for both parties. Although certain generalisations still ex...

17th December 2009

Different types of Phones

Over the last hundred years or more telephones have become an important part of many people's daily lives. There are now three main types of phone or phone like devices available; landline telephones, mobile phones and VoIP phones. Each of these has come ...

17th December 2009

Why does India have such a low Divorce rate?

Divorce in India is extremely low compared to the United States. In America around half of marriages end in divorce, but in India it is a mere one per cent. It is so low that many have the idea that it is illegal. This is not the case but there are many r...

11th December 2009

Adoption by Gay Couples

Gay Rights has become a highly debated subject in recent years. The majority of people now agree that gay people and gay couples deserve the same rights as anyone else, but there are still people with strong opposing view. This is especially the case when...

26th November 2009

VoIP Bans

Several countries have either banned VoIP or talked about banning VoIP over the last few years. VoIP is cheaper than other forms of telephony and some counties are looking at this as a negative for a variety of reasons. VoIP Providers can often be based a...

17th November 2009

Affects of the Conservatives Child Trust Fund policy

The worth of the Child Trust Fund is a subject that has been much debated since its inception in 2002. The Conservative Party have now said that they will reduce the Child Trust Fund so only children from the poorest families will receive it should they w...

23rd October 2009

Why Choose VoIP for Business

VoIP is becoming an increasingly popular choice for communication as an alternative to the telephone. Some however are still reluctant to switch to a VoIP service as they think that the quality is not that of a regular telephone. This isn't necessarily th...

13th October 2009

World Divorce Rates and Trends

Divorce is rising all around the world. There are, however, some places where it is still fairly rare. Generally divorce has become more acceptable but there are trends as to which countries it is more common in. Some geographical areas seem to have highe...

12th October 2009

China commits to environmental targets

At the UN climate summit in New York in September China for the first time made a commitment to reduce the negative effect that their increased manufacturing is having on the environment. As yet they haven't revealed any specific detail as to how they wil...

28th September 2009

Divorce Law in the United States

The United States have among the highest divorce rates in the world. Much of this has been blamed on the fact that it is relatively simple to acquire a divorce and that it is too much of an easy option once a relationship runs into problems. There are...

18th September 2009

How Family Culture has changed in China

Family culture in China has changed significantly over the last few decades. Over time many parts of Chinese culture has become much more similar to the western world and this is certainly the case within families. Traditionally families compromised o...

16th September 2009

How VoIP can be beneficial in a recession

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is an alternative to the telephone that has the potential to save businesses and individual's money in the current recession. With times difficult for many, it is a way that significant savings can be made. Many peop...

16th September 2009

Is there a connection between more independent women and marriage and divorce statistics?

In recent times the number of people getting married has fallen significantly, while the number of divorces have been going up. Another trend that has been happening at the same time is that women are becoming more independent. So is there a connection be...

24th August 2009

German VoIP ban to be lifted

It looks as though German telecommunications company T-Mobile/Deutsche Telekom is likely to lift their ban of VoIP (Voice Over IP address). They had banned use of the technology and received a court order preventing customers from using it over their netw...