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04th July 2010

Why Call Centers in California Make Economic Sense

The cost savings associated with hiring offshore call centers are offset due to low levels of client satisfaction and client retention. This article offers reasons why it's worth hiring local Call Centers in California. If you're considering hiring ...

23rd June 2010

Restoring Lakes Using a Combination of Bacteria and Lake Aerator Technology

The Solution to Lake Pollution - Lake Restoration using a Lake Aerator System As more and more people use lakes and live near lakes, more and more nutrients and sediments wash into watersheds, and pollute lakes. Fertilizer, waste, and soil run-off was...

16th June 2010

Rust Preventative Paper and Rust Preventative Packaging vs Rust Preventative Oils

In many cases, rust can happen to metal tools and parts that are exposed to moisture and oxygen over time.Metal corrodes, or "breaks down" due to chemical reactions caused by atmosphere and surroundings. Oxidation of iron atoms weakens metals.When meta...

04th June 2010

Recycled Toilet Paper: The Easiest Way To Be Environmentally Conscious

No matter how much of an effort you're making to be green, some of the easiest ways to be environmentally conscious are often overlooked. Next time you venture into the bathroom, examine your toilet paper. There's a huge chance that the toilet paper y...

18th May 2010

Straighten Kinky Hair & Reduce Bulk: How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Manageable This Summer

Summer heat, humidity, chlorine damage, and other factors that can take a toll on your hair's health. Bulky hair, frizz, and unruly curls aren't an attractive look any time of year, but the summer months make it especially challenging to maintain beaut...

29th April 2010

Setting You Straight: The New Safe Alternative to Permanently Straightened Hair

If you want to permanently straighten your hair for more then just the occasional event or night out, the following article will fill you in on the pro's and cons of permanently straight hair.  If you're experienced when itcomes to permanent hair strai...

20th April 2010

How Can a Call Center Increase the Efficiency of Your Business?

Cost efficiency.Hiring another company to field all incoming calls is significantly more cost effective then hiring your own in-house team, who will require their own customer service center, as well as the overhead costs, training costs, necessary busi...

05th March 2010

Fun Center Helps to Beat the Winter Blues

Is your family in need of day out of the house for some really great family fun? Our destination of choice in the King of Prussia, Trooper, Lansdale and North Wales, PA area is the local family fun center. Taking your family to the local fun center wil...

05th March 2010

The Cost of Corrosion to Metal Parts Manufacturers

Corrosion, and in particular rust, costs metal parts manufacturers and foundries an average of more than 350 billion dollars annually! During manufacturing and shipping, metal parts can be exposed to moisture, causing rust. Many times clients return th...

26th January 2010

24/7 Answering Service

A 24/7 Answering service is pretty self-explanatory. When a business or individual is on-call all hours of the day every day of the year, it is sometimes necessary to outsource this answering service to a provider who has the staff to supply a human re...

23rd December 2009

Relieve a Medical Staff with a Doctor Answering Service

There are many stresses involved with being a doctor and managing a doctor office. Physicians main concern is healing patients, but there are factors including administration, claims, billing, and office management which are a huge, yet necessary distrac...

22nd December 2009

Spanish Call Center: Spanish Phone Answering Services

The key to a successful customer service is clear communication—understanding and meeting all client needs. Successful communication can sometimes become a challenge, as today's market is becoming increasingly diverse. For that reason, it's necessary ...

17th December 2009

The Importance of Customizing a Phone Answering Service to Meet Business Goals

When hiring a phone answering service, it is impossible to have successful results with a one size fits all service. All products and all companies are different, and phone answering service solutions should be customized to meet every company's needs. ...

15th December 2009

Use Heat Transfer Paper for the Holidays to Create Unique Gifts

What gift do you get for Grandma or the favorite aunt or the nephew who lives across the country? What do you get for the person who already has everything? When some creativity and individuality goes into a gift, it will be special; especially if i...

24th September 2009

The Increased Need for a Spanish Answering Service

It is common knowledge that Spanish is widely spoken in the United States and it is, in fact, the second most commonly spoken language besides English. This is because of the dramatic increase in the Spanish speaking population. Along with population gr...