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01st February 2010

Karaoke night special

Karaoke is a Japanese term for singing, and was introduced into the UK in the mid 80's. Everyone loves to sing even if it is only in the bath or the car on the way to work to your favourite song. Karaoke is a fun way to entertain friends and family at any...

01st February 2010

Could You Really Survive in the Wild?

In the last couple of years it's become a popular concept. Going out alone to survive in the wilderness using only your wits and the tools you have with you. It seems that as we get more labour saving devices and our lives become easier, the idea of going...

25th January 2010

The Top Selling Fragrances of 2009

Every year the sale of perfumes makes up a massive part of the yearly sales for some of the high streets biggest retailers. There is a massive range available and the major department stores rely on the success of a variety of fragrances to keep up their ...

21st January 2010

Top Hairstyles for 2010

With every New Year comes an array of new fads and styles. The fashion industry goes full circle every year introducing the new colours, lengths and styles. Not entirely different is the popular hair styles for the year. Just like in fashion, people look ...

19th January 2010

Top Famous Movie Dentists

What is it about going to the dentist that strikes fear into the hearts of children and adults alike? There has for longer than anyone now can remember an almost stereotypical belief that dentist are sinister drill wielding maniacs. Well for a few that ma...

15th January 2010

The Ever Changing Curriculum of School Education

School reforms are always a hot topic when it comes to government proposals and even PTA meetings. Obviously the majority of parents have their children's education as one of their top priorities as they want the best for their children in and after schoo...

14th January 2010

Getting the Look to Suit the Night

For an out and about woman it's important for her to have a variety of styles and looks to suit an every occasion. Having the same style every time can become extremely samey and won't impress anyone for long. That's why it's important to have a few cards...

23rd December 2009

Xmas & New Year Parties – Ideas on Unforgettable Celebrations

When the festive season is upon us comes the time for many of us to book xmas & new year parties to kick off the season and provide a reason to don those glad rags! From party houses through the winter season to large party venues such as hotel function r...

22nd December 2009

What Does Your Hair Colour Say About You?

There have always been stereotypes associated with hair colour. The most obvious of course being that blondes have more fun but aren't smart enough to realize it. Aside from that the most common consensus is that blondes are sexy, redheads are hot headed ...

11th December 2009

Top Fragrances for the Other Half

At this time of year the sale of fragrances are set to skyrocket. Fragrances are a useful little gift, as they can be a timesaver when you're struggling to find that last gift and they are almost always well received. However it's difficult to determine w...

08th December 2009

How much of an Influence Does the Packaging of Fragrances have on the Purchasers Decision?

How Fragrance Packaging Plays an Important Part in their Sales The sale of fragrances is an unusual business in how it portrays itself. It's often portrayed in such unusual and artistic ways as a result of its close ties to the fashion world and celeb...

07th December 2009

The Effects of Music on Early Childhood Development

For years now there have been publications of research into the merits of music on early childhood and even in the womb development. Many researches on the subject have hypothesised that listening to certain kinds of music and learning instruments can vas...

07th December 2009

Giving children the confidence to Write – A Sentence A Day

I remember many things about the first headteacher I worked for, but two pieces of advice she gave me made a lasting impact on my teaching career: firstly, teach the children to be independent and, secondly, give them opportunities to write every day. The...

04th December 2009

Are the alternatives to professional hair care worth your time?

When it comes to caring for your hair there is no shortfall in available options. With an affluence of possibilities ranging from high street brands to professional and designer hair care the major issue is where to turn. However, much like the days of mo...

30th November 2009

What is a Conference Microphone and How Does it Differ From Other Mics?

Conference Microphones, Microphone Discussion, or Push to Talks. These are all names given to the type of microphone that is used as part of a bigger system of microphones where the use of a conventional microphone is impractical. What makes a co...