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05th April 2011

Common Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Phoenix, Arizona

People should never blame themselves for being conscious about their body. Itís human nature to feel concerned about your appearance as many people believe that it sets you apart from the crowd. Without your preferred physical attributes, it would be diff...

15th March 2011

Coping with a Phoenix Rhinoplasty Surgery

In Phoenix, Arizona people are aware of the fact that not everyone is created equal. Even identical twins are not really 100% the same in all areas. Each person has his or her own individuality to uphold and be proud of. However, most of the time, this un...

15th March 2011

Botox and Breast Augmentation in Phoenix

Aging is an unavoidable stage of human life. Everyone undergoes this process at one point of their lives. Aging is more than just adding years to oneís age or growing of white hair. It is mostly manifested by the wrinkles on the face and sagging skin. A l...

15th February 2011

Choosing a Trustworthy Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Every medical procedure must be administered by a professional. In the field of medicine, professionalism and expertise are required of practitioners. A doctor must be backed up by years of medical studies and intensive experience to efficiently administe...

15th February 2011

Achieving a Perfectly-Shaped Body through Scottsdale Liposuction

Ask women what type of body they would like to have, and most of their answers would probably refer to an hourglass-shaped body. An hourglass-shaped body features a large bust, a slim waist, and wide hips. Hourglass-shaped women do not have excess fats on...

15th February 2011

Going Under the Knife: The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

The development of mammary glands is a unique characteristic among primates. For humans, the glands are vital in the nourishment of newborns. The presence of mammary glands is also one of the main differences between the female and male bodies. The glands...

20th January 2011

What You Need to Know About Botox

Modern science has a remedy for wrinkles and fine lines on the face. This cosmetic procedure is known as botox. Botox diminishes facial lines. During botox treatment, surgeons inject acetylcholine on the skin. Acetylcholine is a chemical that inhibits m...

20th January 2011

All about Breast Implants

The breasts are an emblem of womanhood. They have functional and aesthetic purposes. The breasts produce milk after birth. They supply nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for babies. They are essential in breastfeeding. On the other hand, the breasts emphas...

20th January 2011

Enhancing Breast Size in Breast Augmentation Surgery

The body is a temple of beauty and grace. Men and women have distinct body parts. Generally, they differ in the reproductive system. Women have mammary glands, also referred to as breasts. Breasts have various sizes and shapes. In clothing, breast sizes a...

20th January 2011

Tips to Help You Make a Decision in Getting Liposuction

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that entails the removal of fats from a personís body. This surgery came in the 1920ís when Italian surgeons began to experiment on ways to rid body fats without any diet or exercise. Its successful emergence later in the...

20th January 2011

Things to Watch Out for in a Cosmetic Surgeon

Breast enlargement is a cosmetic procedure performed to address breast size. For most surgeons, the procedure allows patients to improve appearance and self-confidence. In the past, breast implants consisted of different items but as time went by surgeons...

20th January 2011

Tips before Undergoing Breast Augmentation in Phoenix

Many people consider breast implants a recent innovation in cosmetic surgery. However, history records that breast implants have been around since 1895 because doctors then were already trying to come up with ways on how to enlarge womenís breasts. In its...