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07th March 2011

Blake Lively Rumoured to Star as Young Carrie Bradshaw in SATC Prequel

Last year’s Sex and the City 2 was a box office failure and critical punching bag. Opening in third place in the US, the film had disappointing takings and was subject to terrible reviews that mocked its awkward attempt to glam up its aging stars and sque...

23rd February 2011

Dancing on Ice couple already spilling beans to celebrity news magazines

Things move quickly in the celebrity gossip world these days. It seems one week the latest star couple’s relationship is a closely-guarded secret, the next they can’t wait to tell the world about their undying love for each other. The latest famous pair t...

23rd February 2011

Celebrity gossip: X Factor loser Katie Waissel ‘hasn’t heard from Cheryl Cole in ages’

Just a couple of months ago, not a day went by where Katie Waissel wasn’t plastered all over the celebrity gossip columns during her stint on the X Factor. Whether she was being controversially kept in the talent show due to dubious judging practices or s...

20th February 2011

Celebrity news: Katie Price confirms split from Alex Reid

The celebrity gossip columns had been predicting it for some time, but it seems the whirlwind reality romance that was Katie Price and Alex Reid has finally come to a well-publicised end. After much press speculation about their 11-month marriage, Pric...

18th February 2011

What is in Those BAFTA Gift Bags?

The buying craze that fans go into after the star of their favourite film has used any particular product can result in immeasurable success for many of the providers taking part in this year’s BAFTA Film Nominee gift bag. A simple product mention by a c...

17th February 2011

Celebrity gossip columns discuss Cole’s latest tattoo

It was revealed this week that X Factor judge and pop princess Cheryl Cole has once again hit the celebrity news headlines thanks to her choice of body art. It seems the singer spent 11 hours in a tattooist’s chair being inked up with her latest piece - a...

17th February 2011

Celebrity news casting buoys upcoming blockbusters

Recent financial woes over at Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) had put a certain amount of uncertainty over two of the studios most highly anticipated and potentially profitable movies. However, this week has seen a number of celebrity news stories emerge that s...

17th February 2011

Film News: A Close Race for Best Picture Award

Over the last year, we’ve seen a number of films released that have broken box office records, set new heights for action onscreen and found new ways of captivating the audience. Film makers have broken the boundaries of what was previously not possible a...

16th February 2011

A Handful of Britain’s Best Up and Coming Actors

The BAFTA awards always provide an occasion to celebrate all things British, including England’s best up and coming actors. While the awards are a great excuse to take note of those who are excelling now, they also give a reason to look towards the next c...

11th February 2011

Hefner still taking the celebrity news headlines – via Twitter

It seems that despite being part of the celebrity news culture since the 1950s, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner will continue to grab the headlines way into his twilight years – after announcing his engagement to a woman 60 years his senior. The magazine m...

11th February 2011

What’s Your Favourite Scary Movie….?

Nearly 15 years ago, one film rejuvenated the slasher film genre completely; bringing a whole new audience to what would be an era of genre defining films. Of course that film can only be the horror film of the 1990’s, Scream. Wes Craven, known as the...

11th February 2011

Awards banter dominates the celebrity gossip pages

Over the next few weeks, expect nothing but talk of nominations, red carpets and acceptance speeches across all of the celebrity news columns. That’s right, awards season is upon us and things kicked off this week with some big wins at the Golden Globes a...

31st January 2011

Celebrity news: Taylor Momsen’s Pretty Reckless attitude to geography doesn’t go down well

Taylor Momsen has straddled two very different worlds over the past year or so – appearing in celebrity news columns due to her acting role in US drama Gossip Girl, while also courting the music press in her soft rock band Pretty Reckless. One world th...

31st January 2011

Celebrity gossip –Stacey Branning’s real-life sister ‘set to join EastEnders’

Cockney soap EastEnders is well known for ‘keepin’ it in the faaaaamily’, but it seems the bosses of the show have taken their plotlines a little too literally with their latest casting decision. According to The Sun’s celebrity gossip column, the BBC1 fa...

26th January 2011

Film News: Assessing the Golden Globe Nominations 2011

As the awards season approaches, movie makers across the world will be scanning all the film reviews and articles to get some sort of sense of what they can expect to be up for. This month, one of the first big ceremonies of 2011 unveiled its list of nomi...