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04th May 2010

Get Taken away with Liam Neeson on DirecTV Pay Per View Cinema

This past weekend, I rented Taken on Satellite TV Pay-Per-View Cinema. The movie was a 24-hour rental and was $4.99. It's also available in 1080P if you have a Plus HD DVR. Liam Neeson plays Bryan Mills, a retired Secret Service agent who has left the ...

20th April 2010

There is One Word that Describes Reality TV Yuk

I'm a modern 21st century committed TV viewer. I watch shows that I like and I like the shows that I watch. And … my choices are almost limitless. With well over 200 channels available to me, I can always find a network or station that is presenting pro...

29th March 2010

The CW on Dish Network makes some decisions regarding new fall shows

The CW has made some decisions about the imminent future of a few of its shows. They have recently asked the producers of "Melrose Place" and "The Vampire Diaries" for additional scripts, an early sign more episodes of each could be on their way.The decis...

29th March 2010

Brothers A Must See

I watched the film Brothers last night and was completely blown away. I haven't watched a movie as powerful as this in years. It puts every movie nominated for an Academy Award this year to shame and I'm not exaggerating. I'm surprised that we haven't h...

24th March 2010

Upcoming programming on VH1 on Dish Network

VH1 has a large slate of upcoming programming for the fall season, leading into early next year. VH1 airs on channel 162 on Dish Network. Here's a listing of what's to come.-Behind the Music: The series that follows the journey of some of music's most inf...

23rd March 2010

Big Brother on Dish Network Sunday August 23rd recap

So even though I was away on vacation and missed Thursday's episode of "Big Brother" (not to worry I have it DVRed), I managed to catch last night's episode on the plane ride home from Florida. How convenient. Thanks, JetBlue!Anyway, I learned through th...

22nd March 2010

wendy williams show Dish Network

Wendy Williams, the popular radio talk show personality known for celebrity gossip and the catchphrase "How you doin'?" officially premiered her self-titled show (The Wendy Williams Show) to a national audience on Monday after a six week test run last sum...

22nd March 2010

Under The Canopy of Love a Tvb modern drama on Dish network

Available on dish networks Chinese package is "Under The Canopy of Love", a TVB modern drama series broadcast in February 2006.Due to the success of the series, a related series retaining the original cast was created, known as "The Seventh Day", which wa...

22nd March 2010

Big Brother on Cbs on Dish Network Sunday August 2nd recap

So here's what happened on Sunday's episode of "Big Brother" on CBS on DISH: Casey "The Bitter Banana" is gone now and Jessie's reign as HOH has come to end, which means it's time for some new blood to step in and hopefully flip the house. The first 4 wee...

22nd March 2010

Another cycle of Model premieres on the cw on Dish Network

Premiering the CW on Dish Network is a new cycle of "America's Next Top Model" - cycle 13 to be exact. Can you believe there have been 12 of these already? "America's Next Top Model" is a reality tv show in which a group of girls compete to get their star...

19th March 2010

Kennedy Even Praised By Opponents

In the aftermath of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, everyone's attention in Boston has now been directed to the public wake, an outporing of sympathy and praise from across the state and the nation and from around the globe. Starting l...

17th March 2010

My summer movie wrap up

This was a busy summer for me - so many movies, so little time. Thankfully, I was able to see all the movies I wanted to, as well as a few I wish I'd missed. I've decided to make a list of all the movies I've seen this summer, along with a quick mini-revi...

17th March 2010

Glee gives me a reason to tune in to Fox on Dish Network

Okay, so I don't get into too many TV shows. It's actually kind of nice to not feel committed to programming each and every night, or to clog my DVR with unwatched episodes. The few shows I watch faithfully are:-"The Office"-"30 Rock"-"True Blood"-"Americ...

17th March 2010

Last nights episode of Hoarders on A and E on Dish Network

"Hoarders" airs on Monday nights on A&E. A&E can be found on channel 118 on Dish Network.Okay, so watching this show is like watching that accident on the highway - you just can't look away. To imagine that there are people out there who are actually LIVI...

15th March 2010

The Tale of The Octomom

I wouldn't ordinarily say this, but should we actually watch tomorrow's two-hour special featuring Nadya Suleman, the California Octomom, who gave birth to a litter of eight babies, and is clearly trying to create a media career as well?It may take a vill...