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30th November 2009

Recent Canadian Divorce Statistics

Here's a sampling of more recently available statistics on marriage and divorce in Canada: •There were 71,269 divorces in Canada in 2005, or a rate of 220.7 per 100,000 population. •About 38% of marriages end in divorce before the 30th anniversary....

24th November 2009

Sarah Palin's memoir discusses divorce rumors

JUNEAU, AK -- With great fame comes a lot of gossip and rumor. Public figures are always subject to speculation about their personal lives, some of it unfounded and some of it hinting at lifestyles a press agent wouldn't bring up. Our celebrity culture ob...

19th November 2009

No-Fault Divorce Turns 40

It's with unintentional irony that we note the 40-year anniversary of something that, according to some, has enabled fewer anniversaries -- of the wedding kind -- over the last four decades than anything else: no-fault divorce. Before No-Fault Divorce ...

15th October 2009

Texas court rules gay couple can divorce

DALLAS -- A surprise court ruling from last week has heated up the gay-marriage debate in the state of Texas. A Dallas judge has permitted a gay couple, who had married in another state, to get a divorce even though Texas has banned gay marriage. Judge T...

25th September 2009

Hulk Hogan finally settles acrimonious divorce with wife.

After 20 months of bickering, haggling, and nasty accusations, the Hogans have finally cut a deal. Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan and his wife of 25 years, Linda Bollea, came to a settlement today in a Clearwater, Florida court. A short hearing -- during ...

25th August 2009

Rhode Island Attorney General files for divorce

PROVIDENCE -- Patrick Lynch evidently wants to tie up a loose end or two before he runs for governor of Rhode Island. The state's Attorney General is getting a divorce from his estranged wife, Christin, from whom he reportedly separated in 2004. The Lync...

04th August 2009

Nevada judge may break seal on governor's divorce case

RENO -- When Nevada governor Jim Gibbons divorced his wife last May, he took advantage of a 77-year-old statute that said that one party in a divorce could seal the divorce records from the public and hold the proceedings behind closed doors. His wife, Da...

23rd July 2009

U.S. president-to-be Barack Obama is a child of divorce

WASHINGTON -- Countless words have already been written about the racial barrier broken in the recent U.S. federal election. Barack Obama, who will be sworn in as the 44th president on January 20, is the first African-American to be elected to the nation'...

16th July 2009

Usher Files for Divorce

30 year-old global R&B megastar Usher Raymond IV - better known simply as "Usher" - has filed for divorce from his 38 year-old wife Tameka Foster Raymond. While news of Usher's June 12 divorce petition may be sending shockwaves through his legions of fan...

07th July 2009

Former Tennessee House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh divorced last summer

KNOXVILLE -- With the numerous public scandals and other news concerning politics and marital or sexual relationships over the years, you wouldn't think that the divorce of a state's major power couple would go unnoticed by the media for long. Yet it wasn...

18th June 2009

Georgia mother of 11 claims domestic abuse in divorce case

BURKE COUNTY, GA -- Last summer, authorities discovered 11 siblings who had been isolated and maltreated by their parents, raised in a home with no water or electricity and not permitted to attend school. Now, after the imprisonment of the father and the ...

07th June 2009

Arizona divorce law may punish adulterers again

PHEONIX -- Last week, the media reported that conservative state lawmakers in West Virginia were pushing new legislation to deny spousal support to divorcing spouses who'd committed infidelity. Now, Arizona Family Law has jumped on the bandwagon too. Rep...

04th June 2009

Tips on having a great marriage.

Hope. It's what gets us out of the bed in the morning and keeps us putting one foot in front of the other. But for those going through divorce, hope can be elusive. We'd like to share our personal tips for a successful marriage and hope that they can hel...

20th May 2009

How to Avoid a Divorce When You and Your Spouse Have Differing Political Views

Many personal relationships suffer during political races when couples hang on ferociously to opposing political views. This year's run for the White House will be more contentious than ever. No couple has to ruin his or her relationship or cause a perman...

13th May 2009

California divorce case may change rules on financial discovery

CALIFORNIA -- A 2007 appellate divorce case has brought recent light to the subject of full financial disclosure in California divorce law. In In re Marriage of Feldman, a businessman did not disclose certain assets and financial transactions to his wif...