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14th August 2011

How to make custom photo Christmas cards interesting

Christmas is the occasion also to express your self in varied ways. Custom photo Christmas card is one such way to reveal a facet of your personality and interests to the people. But instead of sending a routine card, it is always prudent step to make the...

22nd June 2011

How to make bulk sms work for your business

Many businesses of today are exploring the enormous opportunities that bulk sms offer them for marketing of their products and services. This particular type of marketing strategy works wonders for those who know how to make it work for their businesses. ...

22nd June 2011

Choose right features for text message

In today’s business scenario across the world, text message has acquired prominent place in determining the communication with all types of clients. Through the messaging services, small to bigger businesses are able to quickly respond to customers querie...

21st June 2011

This Christmas make your loved ones say Wow use Custom photo Christmas cards or birthday cards

We often receive or send Christmas cards to our loved ones on Christmas Sending Christmas cards is a trend where people express their feelings by exchange of Christmas cards. On other occasions like birthday, children like to receive birthday cards. Even ...

13th June 2011

Text message – From Neil Papworth to text online, PC sms and bulk sms campaigns

Text messages were not in the same stage of popularity as they seems to have today after Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old test engineer for Sema Group used a personal computer to send the text message "Merry Christmas" via the Vodafone network to the phone of...

13th June 2011

SMS – Short messaging service has long and everlasting effects over businesses

Want to advertise your business for better sales performance and willing to start a mass sms campaign? Only pushing thousands of sms isn't going to help you out as improper and complex text messages have very high negligence ratios. In cases people find i...

29th May 2011

The use of sms short codes in brand building and recognition purpose in any mass text messaging exer

The right selection of business niche and proper customer targeting is the key to success in today’s working environment. How businesses can opt for a particular advertisement medium that is capable of targeting different business niches? Most of the adve...

29th May 2011

How to use text message with the help of sms api to start a bulk sms campaign for business promotion

Business owners always like to explore their business to more and more people. As it provides them the higher sales volume and other benefits like increased brand recognition and value. The best way to increase the presence of the business is to use commu...

29th May 2011

Basics Steps to Ensure Sending Text From Computer

Today, thousands of business across the world and people in general are well aware of the advantages associated with sending text from computer. They know that this tool is highly beneficial in saving their overall costs when it comes to marketing of busi...

16th May 2011

Bulk sms service with text messaging software can serve as a promotional and information channel

It will be needless to ask that have you ever sent or received any message on your phone. As a fact every one sends and receives messages more commonly known as sms. Sms is the abbreviation for short messaging services. These services are offered by every...

10th May 2011

Consider short codes for your brand building campaign

Short codes are especially allocated, shorten codes for a particular mobile or land line number. As suggested by name short codes are normally short and unique numbers or letters representing some other regular ten digit mobile or land line number. Trend ...

04th May 2011

Few questions to ask yourself before starting a SMS Marketing Campaign

What can be the suitable niche of customers for a manufacturing company which manufacture products for babies? Probably people of age group of 28 to 45 years with a mix of women and men in a ratio of 60:40. Now think that what media or communication chann...

03rd May 2011

Bulk SMS Marketing – Focused approach towards customers

Mobiles can be considered to be the first piece of technology that a human carries with himself. Its social networking capabilities make intimate relationship with the user. People use mobile phones to find friends or to find information daily. Sms is an ...

18th April 2011

Reasons why mass sms should be preferred over email

Though emails have become one of the most sought after feature for communication with people especially when there is a detailed messages is to be conveyed, but your business may not benefit in big way from this mode if you rely heavily on it. we give you...

18th April 2011

How to select right Internet sms messages service provider

A company chooses prefers internet sms messages services to benefit from its feature of promptly reaching to the thousands of people and that too at a cheaper costs. Almost every company on the globe today is making most of the sms services to have immedi...