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26th October 2010

The Difference in Living Costs between Kuwait and the UK

Wherever in the world you go the costs vary. In Kuwait some things are more expensive than in the UK, while some a cheaper. Overall, though, the cost of living to an average standard is around the same. The advantage of living in Kuwait is that with tax f...

19th October 2010

Why Do Couples With Daughters Divorce More Than Couples With Sons?

Recently published statistics have shown that more couple’s divorce if they have girls than if they have boys. Parents with one girl are 5% more likely to divorce than parents with one boy, while parents with three girls are 10% more likely to divorce tha...

25th August 2010

VoIP for Business and Home Use

Choosing to switch to VoIP can be a good decision whether it is for business purposes or home use. For both these uses there are a variety of options which vary in quality and price. VoIP for Business can seriously save on costs. In most circumstances ...

18th August 2010

Causes of Homelessness

Homelessness is a very complex issue. There are many things that can lead to someone becoming homeless, including the following reasons. UNEMPLOYMENT Unemployment is always an issue for some, but has become so for more people over the last two or t...

10th August 2010

The Impact of spending cuts and tax rises on Families

It has been well documented that the British coalition government will be making many spending cuts and tax rises over the next months and years. Many of these will affect families, either directly or indirectly. JOB CUTS There will be a number of ...

13th July 2010

Contributing Factors towards the Cost of a Divorce

The average cost of a divorce is very difficult to calculate. There is no real definitive answer as to how much a divorce will cost as there are so many contributing factors. These include personal finances, the type of divorce, children, and any assets t...

25th June 2010

Types of VoIP Services

VoIP's popularity is ever increasing. There are many different ways that VoIP can be utilised and some of these are outlined here. CALLING BETWEEN TWO COMPUTERS Calling from computer to computer is the original VoIP. It is the most basic type of Vo...

16th June 2010

Strange Divorce Stories

Over the years there have been some strange stories of divorce, including some humorous reasons why people are seeking a separation from their partner. Here are some of the strangest divorce stories. STRANGE DIVORCE STORIES We've all heard of coupl...

14th June 2010

A Brief History of Kuwait

Kuwait is a sovereign Arab Emirate state situated in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in West Asia. The country, which borders Saudi Arabia and Iraq, has a long and interesting history. The first known settlers in the area were the Greeks who set...

26th May 2010

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a relatively quick and easy way of going through divorce proceedings. It is most appropriate, and most commonly the choice of those in circumstances that makes a divorce simpler, with no children and no major assets to split. ...

24th May 2010

The Improvement of Business VoIP

VoIP usage in general, and especially Business VoIP, has increased significantly in recent years. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is the technology used for voice communication over a broadband internet connection. When VoIP first cam...

19th May 2010

How attitudes to Family, Marriage and Divorce have changed

Attitudes to family, marriage and divorce have changed over the last century. Here we look at how different aspects of family life are seen compared to the past. Marriage In the past people married at a much younger age on average than they do toda...

12th May 2010

Factors after a Divorce

There are many factors that come into divorce proceedings, and many areas where decisions have to be made, either by the former couple themselves or in the courtroom. Possessions must be sold or divided and decisions need to be made regarding children and...

23rd February 2010

School Admission Rules

School admission, especially for secondary schools, is a highly debated subject. Some schools are more popular than others, with teaching standard varying greatly depending on the school. Every parent wants the best for their child and wants them to gain ...

05th February 2010

VoIP usage in Call Centres

VoIP is continually increasing in popularity. This is especially the case in business, and particularly in call centres where significant savings can be made. Calls via VoIP are cheaper than the traditional telephone calls, so businesses who utilise this ...