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07th February 2011

Going retro the growing interest in vintage photography

It started with vintage fashion, artwork and home wares. Then the craze moved to music, with collectors everywhere seeking out vinyl records for a bit of retro cool. Now the enthusiasm for all things vintage has trickled down into the realm of photography...

22nd December 2010

Advice on getting an Australian phone number

If youve moved to Australia for an extended period of time whether its for travel or work purposes its likely that youll need an Australian phone number. Continuing to use your home mobile phone number on international roaming is costly. Whether y...

29th November 2010

Understanding parenting arrangements for children after divorce

By nature, divorce can be unpleasant. Add children to the mix and the situation becomes even more complex. Its not surprising, therefore that shared care and the legal arrangements for children after a divorce can be tricky. The parenting arrangements ...

16th August 2010

Pakistan – in a state of emergency.

The worst floods in the nation's recorded history have washed over Pakistan after unprecedented and unrelenting monsoonal rainfall. Over 14 million people have been affected by the floods and the death toll has risen to over 1,600. Such unfathomable nu...

02nd July 2010

For the love of blood

Twilight - you have to have been living under a rock to not know what it means. The series phenomenon has taken the world by storm, selling more than 100 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 38 languages. Meanwhile, the third instalmen...

02nd July 2010

TV Cheapskates

Cheapskates - we all know one - the guy who has always conveniently left his wallet in the car or needs change for a $100 bill for his $4 coffee, so he'll get it "next time". While they're probably less pleasant to have around in real life, cheapskates...

03rd June 2010

Five Make Up Accessories for the Weekend Away

We all have our undying makeup loyalties - the brand we trust and the products we know work for us. However, whichever favourite foundation, must-have lipstick or to-die-for eye shadow that you always have handy in your purse - you need to also make su...

29th April 2010

Why you should sponsor a child

For those living in the comfort, peace and safety of the Western world, it’s often hard to imagine how you can make a difference to nations plagued by poverty, disease and violence. Sky-high world poverty statistics are disheartening, but the issue ...

29th April 2010

Give hope to Ugandan children

Since the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) waged war against the Government of Uganda (GOU) in the 1980s, Northern Uganda has been ravaged by violence and political instability. Consequently, Ugandans living in the North have been plunged into 25 years ...

27th April 2010

Want to Take Great Pictures? Ten Tips you NEED to Know

Even if you consider yourself a photography expert, it's good to revisit the basics. Meanwhile, if you've just bought your very first digital camera, you'll be keen to get started on taking great photos. From framing to settings, here are ten tips you ...

27th April 2010

Ten Basic Tips for Taking Great Pictures

Often it's important to get back to basics. Whether you're a seasoned photography professional or just excited about owning your first digital camera, it's always important to visit - or revisit - the fundamentals of taking great photographs. Here are ...

27th April 2010

The Moving Picture Story - how to take great videos with your digital camera

They say a picture is worth a thousand words - but what if that's just not enough? Some events can only be properly captured with the addition of moving pictures and sound - a heart warming speech, a world record attempt, a loving recorded message - or ev...

20th April 2010

Are you eligible for a tax break on your company vehicle?

Kevin Rudd has called small businesses the ‘backbone of the Australian economy' and in light of the almighty "GFC" and global recession, announced in 2009 that the government would help them stay afloat with a ‘boost' to the already established Small ...

24th March 2010

Our Favourite TV Couple

There's something pleasant about tuning into your favourite family sitcom or drama, where they're gathered around the dinner table, trading laughs, quirky quips and guffaws. And there's something exceptionally heart warming about watching your favourite T...

24th March 2010

Always Second Best? – Susan Boyle misses out on being biggest seller in US, but SO WHAT?

Coming in second again, the Scottish talent sensation has lost to teen pop star Taylor Swift for selling the most records in 2009. Her debut album I Dreamed a Dream sold 3.1 million copies, narrowly missing the 3.21 million of Swift's self titled album. ...