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04th April 2011

Rhin-O-Tuff HD4101 EZ Coil Book Former Review

Color coil binding - also known as spiral binding - is a very popular bookbinding method that's also easy to do for the most part. Putting together a small document with a color coil isn't hard but putting together larger documents can be really tough wit...

01st April 2011

The MBM 93M Paper Folder: A Review

MBM is an office machine manufacturer that's always putting out fantastic products that can help people improve their productivity. One of their newest machines is the 93M. It's a paper folder that can fold hundreds of sheets per hour so you can get thing...

01st April 2011

Green Terms

Today's society is growing more aware of our affect on the environment. As a result, companies are producing items designed to help instead of harm the earth. However, along with this comes a plethora of new terms. While people in these industries may be ...

01st April 2011

Foster Rotatrim MonoRail 18" Cutter Review

With over 60 years in business, Foster Manufacturing Company has proven time and again that they produce quality products backed up by excellent customer service. Their line of Rotatrim MonoRail rotary trimmers provides an economical way for schools, bus...

01st April 2011

Foster 12" RotaTrim Professional Rotary Cutter Review

Foster Manufacturing Company produces several lines of quality cutters. Their RotaTrim products offer a versatile and affordable way to achieve precise cuts every time. The smallest in this series is a 12 inch model packed with features. What makes this t...

01st April 2011

The Fletcher-Terry Titan 120” Rotary Trimmer’s Strengths and Weaknesses

When it comes to cutting paper, you have a lot of options ranging from scissors to guillotine cutters. However, a rotary trimmer is always a great choice because it allows you to cut perfectly straight lines quickly and easily. Fletcher-Terry makes some o...

30th March 2011

The Fellowes Powershred HS-880 Shredder: A Review

Trying to comply with federal privacy laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can be difficult without the right equipment. To comply, you need a high-security paper shredder such as the Fellowes Powershred HS-880. Thi...

29th March 2011

Five Great Christmas Movies

Are you looking for something to watch this holiday season? If you are, there are a lot of holiday movies to choose from. Here are five great ones: White Christmas (1954). You can't go wrong with this yuletide classic that stars Bing Crosby an...

29th March 2011

Xyron Stocking Stuffers for Scrapbookers

Christmas is coming and that means stocking stuffers. Do you have a scrapbooker to buy for who is getting sick of glue sticks in their stocking? Here are a few ideas of things any crafter would love to find on Christmas morning. They're all made by Xyron,...

29th March 2011

Xyron Creatopia: A Scrapbooker's Delight

If you or someone you know is a scrapbooker or does a lot of paper crafting, you should really check out the Xyron Creatopia Laminator. This versatile machine offers easy switching between multiple components for an all in one device sure to thrill any sc...

23rd March 2011

How to Make Your Own Cookbook

Christmas is coming and people are starting look for original gifts for their family. One idea is to put together a personalized cookbook. Compiling family favorites and putting them in book form is a unique gift that family members will use and cherish f...

23rd March 2011

Getting Started Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve treasured memories. But getting started can be a daunting task. There's all the pictures, not to mention any mementos you may be saving. And isn't it expensive? Here is a guide that will get you on your way to creat...

23rd March 2011

Five Xyron Tools for Scrapbookers

Xyron produces several quality office machines. These include laminators, die cut machines, hand held printers, and a variety of accessories for these devices. Many of their tools are ideal for scrapbooking. Here's a look at a few of their products that a...

17th March 2011

Three Great Wire Binding Machines for Thinner Documents

There are many different bookbinding methods to choose from and one of the most popular is twin-loop wire binding. This method is popular because it can make your documents look extremely professional so you'll be able to impress your clients and colleagu...

16th March 2011

The Tamerica Eco-24 Comb Binding Machine: A Review

It seems like it's been a while since new comb binding machines hit the market which is why it's so exciting that Tamerica recently put out some new products. Their new items include the Eco-24, a comb binding machine that will really impress you. We rece...