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13th December 2010

Astro Meteorology affected by Climate Change

Successive draughts, intense cold climate and floods have ravaged Bolivia. Let us hope that Kerala will not go the way of Bolivia ! That Bolivia is going towards a major Food Crisis has been highlighted by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of UN...

08th December 2010

Climate Change, triggered by Global Warming good for Kerala

Kerala coconut production will increase by 30% and sardines will be more during the South West Monsoon season and mackarels will be more during the months in between October and March ! Libra rains are proving destructive in Kerala. The North East Mons...

08th December 2010

The Rainy solar Transits or Njattuvelas

The Sun entered the first degree of Sidereal Libra, thus heralding the North East Monsoon or Thula Varsham, as per Astro Meteorology. This is the Retreating Monsoon. Coming as a depression from the Bay of Bengal, it takes the moisture laden winds and t...

08th December 2010

Global Warming affects Sea Life

There was a CMFRI ( Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute of India ) report that Global Warming affects fish production. Co2 emissions are more. The Carbon Dioxide combines with ocean water and forms Carbolic Acid. This increases the acidity l...

15th October 2010

Mercury, the winged Messenger of Heaven !

Mercury is one of the most important planets. He is benefic, if associated by benefics and malefic if associated by malefics. He is that aspect of us which knows. He is called Budha, the discriminative intellect. Mercury in Grecian Mythology is Hermes,...

07th July 2010

Water Conservation Technologies

Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage. Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies....

03rd June 2010

Rainfall Cycles

Saturn in Virgo has created a draught like situation, even in water rich Kerala. Green Kerala is beautiful because of the heavy rainfalls and looks gorgeous in June/July, when the Rain gods favour her. It has not rained for the last two days. Rains ar...

03rd June 2010

Biodynamics and Permaculture

BioDynamics Biodynamics is part of Anthroposophy, the system developed by Rudolf Steiner. According to this method of Organic Farming, all farms are individual organisms. BD emphasises balancing the interrelationship of plants, animals, soil etc with ...

29th March 2010

The Arts of Kerala

Kerala, with its rich background of art & culture, has its own art forms which symbolises the outlook & life of Keralites. From the famous Kathakali, which is considered as the complete art form as it synthesis all that is best in the fields of dram...

08th February 2010

The potential of India's food processing industry

As per the latest updates ( Nov 2009 ), the Indian food market is estimated at $182 billion. According ot McKinsey and Co, the retail food market is estimated at $70 b and may grow to $150 b in the next fifteen years and the world retail food market w...

18th August 2009

The Kerala perspective about ASEAN FTA !

Why does Kerala dread the Indo-Asean FTA ? Reasons are many. Kerala Govt had asked the Centre to put 1400 items under the Negative List. Only 489 items have been now included in the Negative List. The import tax on Kerala's products like coffee, tea...

18th August 2009

India signs Asean FTA !

Yesterday the Indo- Asean FTA was signed. Let us see how bilateral trade will fare ! It is bound to shoot up. We feel that Kerala's fears will be unfounded, as India gets access to ASEAN markets. India is leading in IT, BT, NT and other services. In...

01st July 2009

India, Pak lose in warm up match !

What a great start, preparatory to the World Cup. Last year's finalists losing their games. Pak was trounced by formidable SA and India by NZ. It is obvious that World Cup 2009 will be different from WC 2007 ! There were allegations that Aussies we...

01st July 2009

How Jupiter's Transit of Capricorn Will Affect You?

Jupiter's Transit of Capricorn (Jupiter enters Capricorn on Dec 9 and will stay there for 361 days, which is known as a Jupiterian Year or a Barhaspathya in Sanskrit ) Moon Sign or Lunar Ascendant - The Zodiacal Sign where Moon is posited ...

01st July 2009

A poem, " Forgive me, my Lord "

Devi Sooktam or Durga Saptashathi is a major philosophical text. It is called Sapta Shati because it contains 700 verses like another colossus, the Song Celestial ( Bhagavat Geetha ). The devotee asks for forgiveness. He says I know not Philosophy or...