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10th March 2011

In Government We Trust

As the worldwide economic crisis continues, more and more people are looking to the government for help. People see the government bailing out companies and think that they ought to get a personal bailout as well. But these people ought to be taking res...

13th April 2010

My Income Tax Return

I was sitting here in my office this morning working on my income tax return. As I was looking over some figures, I thought about a phrase my dad used to say. He said, "There are only two things you have to do in this life: pay your taxes and die." I thi...

18th December 2009

Why Swaddling Clothes?

There are lots of people who have a birthday in December. Usually the closer one's birthday comes to the 25th, the more it seems to loose its own significance. My daughter, one of my brothers, some in-laws and friends, all have December birthdays. But ...