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26th May 2010

Online Ticket Brokers – Offering Jay Z Tickets At The Best Rates

Shawn Carter - better known as Jay Z - is a very successful and popular rapper in the hip hop industry. Regardless of the venue, his live shows get sold out every time. In fact, even if he arrives as a guest for an event, the venue is guaranteed to have a...

15th January 2010

Enjoy The Enchanting Musical - Finians Rainbow On Broadway

The classical music of Finians Rainbow refreshes your mind. It is a musical based on a book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. E.Y. Harburg gives the lyrics of this Irish musical and the music is given by Burton Lane. Being Irish, this musical is influenced ...

12th January 2010

Burn The Floor Review For The Broadway Dance Sensation

If you are looking for pure high energy entertainment along with some great dancing then you need not look far. If you need to watch dancers dancing to great tunes, dancers in extraordinary costumes, dancers who entertain you with a variety of dance forms...

30th December 2009

Burn The Floor Tickets A Hot Item On Broadway

Tickets for the shows on Broadway are always at a premium. If the shows are popular you will require booking your tickets well in advance and at times as much as months before the show. Burn The Floor is just such a show. It is a dancing extravaganza on s...

21st December 2009

Catch Bye Bye Birdie On Broadway Before The Run Is Over!

Bye Bye Birdie, also a film, is currently a hit Broadway musical. It is based on a book by Michael Stewart. The lyrics by the talented Lee Adams and music is provided by Charles Strouse. At first the title was 'Let's go Steady'. This satire on American...

15th December 2009

The Oleanna Play Dazzles Broadway

Oleanna is a literary and theatrical production of its own kind, showcasing a rather unusual battle of the sexes against the background of academic absolutism. The show is based on David Mamet's play by the same name which attempts to narrate the story of...

10th December 2009

Oleanna Tickets: Your Passport To Broadway Finesse

Unlike most Broadway plays, Oleanna has garnered quite a reputation for its rather controversial nature and the attempt to explore the darker sides of postmodernism, feminism and political correctness. This masterpiece of David Mamet begins with a female ...

08th December 2009

The Royal Family Play - Theater Comes Alive Again

Die hard followers of theatre are impossible to find nowadays. Celluloid now reserves the right to fanatical fans and religious dedication. Rarely do we come across a play that rewinds the clock, and takes us back to the good old days of live unadulterate...

27th November 2009

The Ragtime Broadway Revival – The Return Of A Great Musical

Ragtime, the Tony Award winning musical of 1998, has returned to Broadway. With previews going on from Oct 25 to Nov 14, it is opening on the stage of Broadway from the night of Nov 15 onwards. The musical is already previewing at the Neil Simon Theatre o...

25th November 2009

Grab After Miss Julie Tickets Online!

Here comes a shockingly vivid Broadway play about class and relationships by Patrick Marber. The name is "After Miss Julie." Inspired by the famous 1888 play titled "Miss Julie" by August Strindberg, this Broadway production revolves around a rich girl wh...

23rd November 2009

A Steady Rain Delivers Great Character Dialogue

Many who follow Broadway are sure to have heard the news of Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig meeting on the stage this fall for "A Steady Rain". Many probably have heard all the wonderful reviews and buzz for this new dramatic play also. Well rest assured al...

11th November 2009

Beyonce Concert Tickets Bring The Star To Life

Sitting in on one of Beyonce's concerts will give fans a peak at one of the music world's top stars. Performing since the age of 7 and winning countless singing and dancing competitions in Texas, Beyonce is now a household name due to her singing, dancing...

15th September 2009

The List OF Broadway Shows - The Best Plays And Musicals Of Fall

Every list of Broadway shows of course varies to point of view. Some may love a show while another is disappointed by it. There are always musicals and plays on Broadway that the masses fall in love with and currently there are plenty of them. Much dep...