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01st November 2012

What Face Are You Wearing for Halloween?

Are you wearing the same old, tired, scary, witchy face this year in celebration of Halloween or would you rather your face to be younger looking and prettier not only for Halloween but for the entire holiday season and the rest of your life? Remember ...

22nd October 2012

Facial Exercise Saves You Money

Many women rue the day that they began using costly injections to plump and paralyze their faces. It sounded so simple – a few injections here and there just hoping to delay and stave off the effects of an aging face. After all, who wants to wear a face t...

03rd August 2012

Paralyzing Injections – Do Young Women Need Them?

What a racket! Whoever thought, then developed, paralyzing injections that freeze certain muscles using a neurotoxin is certainly a gizzilonaire by now. To think that men and women could fall for such an outrageous marketing gimmick is tantamount to b...

30th July 2012

Beautiful Women and Freida Pinto

If only we were all born with the exotic, smoldering good looks of Freida Pinto, the beautiful Latika, in the Academy Award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Ms Pinto, a native Mumbian, dreamed of becoming an actress from an early age. Her desire for fa...

27th June 2012

Wake Up Your Makeup

Standing in the midst of a large department store looking at the array of cosmetics can be daunting. How do you choose the ideal brand for your needs? What is your objective? Do you have particular products in mind that your friends have described or did ...

26th March 2012

Lip Disaster Happens to Actress

We’ve seen the look – over inflated lips, lips that have lost their definition and lips that look unnatural. No amount of explaining from a well-paid publicist can stop the look of shock on our faces as we watch in amusement that yet another poor darling ...

27th May 2011

Age Gracefully with Facial Exercise

Did you know that thousands of women in the US will visit a cosmetic surgeon or another professional this year to explore using Botox, Restylane or other modalities hoping that this will help them recapture their youthful face? Many more will visit a d...

10th May 2011

Facial Exercise – The Natural Anti-Aging Program

You want the best anti-aging program available? Have you considered facial exercise? The desire to look our best is universal and many people will go to great lengths to have a younger, toned and tightened face. Our face is our calling card – our power s...

19th April 2011

I Want My Handsome Man Back

Ever look at that adorable man you married and wish that he still had that handsome, manly face without the jowls, pouches and double chin? Maybe you’ve introduced him to skin care items like eye treatments, bronzers and concealers and he is using the...

23rd February 2011

Facial Exercise Stops The Silent Epidemic of Disappointment

‘I wasn’t going to leave a suicide note. People would know why I’d killed myself. One look at my face said it all — I’d made myself look ¬hideously ugly. My face was lopsided, my nose was too skinny, my lips were ¬distorted and my chin was crooked.’ Laur...

15th January 2010

We Must Remain Cute At All Times

Oh, the perils men and women confront when they decide to allow cutting, injecting and even lasers on their beautiful, pristine, unspoiled faces. Once a face is injected with chemical substances it is forever changed. Same with deciding to lop off sa...