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23rd March 2010

Barak Obama: The Enemy Within

(March 20, 2010) Never in the history of the United States have we seen such a blatant disregard for the will of the American people as we're seeing from Barak Obama. The kind of wheeling, dealing and outright corruption coming out of this White House wou...

28th July 2009

The Aimless Presidency of Barack Obama

(July 24th, 2009) A popular talk show host keeps saying Barack Obama is in a power-grab, trying to grab as much power for the government as possible. But that's giving Obama more credit than he deserves; Obama's utter failure to accomplish a damn thing in...

24th July 2009

The Barack Obama Con Job Continues

(July 17, 2009) Supporters of Barack Obama's current national healthcare initiative are being taken in by a new self-serving con. "Health care for everyone" is health care for no one. With the number of already-overloaded hospitals remaining roughly t...

15th June 2009

Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Too Similar To David Letterman's

Top 10 Signs Your Life Is Too Similar To David Letterman's 10 - Your wife says she's never loved anyone like she loves you. For less than $600. 9 - You get home from work and find your wife in bed with another talk show host, and she claims he w...

14th June 2009

The Myth That Speciation Is Evolution

You often hear evolutionists point to speciation as evidence of evolution. This couldn't be farther from the truth. A process that transforms one species into another in an orderly fashion, regardless of whether it happens "overnight" or over a long perio...