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19th November 2009

Changing Your Appearance For The Better

Are you tired of the way that you look? Many people get a bit bored with their appearance and like the idea of making a change, but it can be difficult to know exactly how we can improve the way that we look. We may look for inspiration in magazines and o...

19th November 2009

How To Create A New Look

Changing your appearance may seem like a good idea, particularly if you're not happy with the way that you look at present. You may want to look more fashionable, younger or simply different. So how should you go about making changes? A really importan...

19th November 2009

Creating Your Own Sense Of Style

Some people would argue that we are going through an age where we pay far too much attention to what celebrities are doing. Magazines are packed with stories about their love lives, their supposed adventures and the way that they look. Does this cause ...

19th November 2009

Are You Worried That You Are Looking Older?

Many of us would admit that we suffer from some degree of vanity. But is it really fair to suggest that this is a problem? It seems natural that we should think about the way that we look and that we should worry about how other people see us. In diffe...