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06th February 2017

Father's Day Gift Plans For New Dads

Father's Day is observed annually in June. Whether or not you are a mother or father, it is highly likely that you know a minimum of one dad. Coming to be a dad is a very important occasion. Father's Day should always be commemorated and cherished, but it...

06th February 2017

A Gift From The Heart For Mother's Day! Be Crafty Once Again

A lot of moms will not confess to this, but they are often quite a bit disappointed with the Mother's Day presents they receive. Do not get me wrong, most mothers will be incredibly delighted to get their presents, and they will be truly grateful for them...

05th February 2017

Celebrate Our Founding Father With A Party On Washington's Birthday

Not many young people nowadays understand that "President's Day" was in fact a holiday established to specifically acknowledge George Washington, on his birthday. The holiday was originally established in 1885 by a bill signed by President Chester Arthur,...

10th January 2017

Electing To Be Alone For Valentines Day Is Not Peculiar Or Is It?

Let's face it, very few people are all alone on Valentines Day on purpose. Globally, people generally, would if at all possible like to be with a partner they love on Valentines Day but that is not always practical. It should not be to challenging for a c...