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06th February 2017

Why Should You Eat in The Best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, Ippudo?

There are many kinds of Japanese food in Jakarta. Most of the Japanese restaurants offer sushi to be the main food menu sold. Ippudo being the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta has proffered different food menus. Ramen is being the main food menu in thi...

06th February 2017

Various Kids Party Accessories to Purchase for Your Kidís Party

Accessories are undeniably some of the important things to use during a kid's party since accessories are items that can help bring more things to a party. Accessories, of course, can be various things and parents who want to use accessories in their kids...

06th February 2017

Letís Plan Your Party

A friend is asking you to plan everything for a gathering party. You are excited with the small reunion, but you have no idea what to do. Do not worry. Preparing an event is absolutely an exciting activity. You can discuss and brainstorm with your friends...

05th February 2017

APRIL Answers Greenpeace Claim with Sustainable Forest Management

Greenpeace recently made claim about APRIL, the palm oil giant in Indonesia, being the main culprit in the biggest deforestation in Indonesia. However, APRIL answers the claim by showing its successful sustainable forest management progresses, proving tha...

05th December 2016

Lombok, the new Bali

There are many locations in Indonesia where non native investors can get a lot of profits from buying property. However, Lombok and Bali are very good options for holiday property investment. Two decades ago, Bali was one of the hottest spots to buy holi...