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30th January 2013

Importance of Reading in Preschool

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents." — Emilie Buchwald Reading is one of the best and inexpensive gifts a parent can give to their child. Reading to a preschool child not only benefits him to succeed in his school years but also th...

01st November 2012

How a Preschool can Benefit your Child

The debate on over whether it is better to keep a 2-and-a-half-year-old at home or send her to a play school continues. Some believe that keeping a toddler at home nurtures strong emotional bonds, while most others believe that a few hours at a preschool ...

22nd October 2012

Preschool Franchise Business in India

Do you know that the first 2000 days (0-6 years) of a child’s life are critical to brain development? At this stage, the brain pathways that receive, store, connect and transmit information are developing rapidly and with the right stimulation these pathw...

08th October 2012

Ten Tips to Get Your Child Reading (Reading Readiness)

Read to your child as often as possible. You’ve heard this statement over and over again. Why? It’s been repeated because it is at the core of the learning process for reading. Read books to your child every day. If you’re having difficulty finding tim...

04th October 2012

Tips for Talking to Your Child About His/Her Day at Kinderpillar

What did you do in school today? Did you have a good time? Usually the answer from your child is one word or a shoulder shrug. Every parent wants to know how their child’s day at school went but interestingly probably last thing you should do is ask he...

04th October 2012

Home to School Transition Tips for Parents

The key word here is "unhurried". You know how you feel when you are in a rush. Now multiply that by your child"s age and you have the stress level of a hurried preschooler in the beginning of the year. Planning for unhurried and happy transitions sta...