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23rd May 2013

Four Walls, Ceiling, Door and A Floor

Mystery stories motivate the mind, increase speculation and invite the interest of conspiracy theorists. Though there are numerous ancient mystery stories, they do not stimulate us the same way as contemporary mysteries do, maybe because we may relate to ...

28th April 2013

The Works of Children's Books Author, Shirley Hughes

Shirley Hughes pioneered children’s books and is just one on a long list of most liked storytellers and illustrators of the present day. She has written over 70 books, which incorporate the Alfie and Dogger series and illustrated many more by other write...

12th April 2013

Did King Arthur Exist or Not?

British literature does have loads of fantastic stories and tales involving great and significant conflicts and historic associations of a romantic nature. One story which has all of this and much more is the magical story of King Arthur and his Knights o...

05th April 2013

A Short Story of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter is regarded as one of the world's most cherished children's authors of all time. Since her first book, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, published in 1902, she went on to produce a string of tales regarding characters just like Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Be...

30th January 2013

The Ins and outs of Fiction

The name fiction is normally applied to literature, specifically imagined text. This can include books, short stories, fables, fairy tales etc that in turn could contain or make reference to true to life happenings. Enjoyable though it is, fiction ha...

24th January 2013

The Never Ending Story of Elizabeth and Darcy

Romance fiction is considered one of the most popular and bestselling categories in fiction books. Perhaps the most famous couple ever to be written about and without question the relationship we all endeavour to achieve although never hardly do, is that ...

11th January 2013

It Would Be A Crime To Dislike Fiction Books

Crime and thriller fiction is not easy to classify bearing in mind that it may be awkward to isolate where crime fiction begins or where it ends. The central and essential elements of crime and mystery fiction books are death, danger and love. It also com...