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31st October 2012

Seven Ways Retail Businesses can Be Benefited By RMS

Retail management is one of the brightest and most potential industries today, dependent on a variety of aspects—the nature of retailing, product, business environment, customer relationships and more. People expect a more proactive and intuitive shopping...

16th October 2012

Critical Factors for Choosing Successful Mobile CRM solution

In the recent years, we have seen rapid advancements and a significant growth in mobile technologies and their usage worldwide. Mobile Customer Relationship Management has emerged with many benefits to the organizations, simplifying business tasks as well...

31st August 2012

Five ways that Cloud Computing will Change IT roles

When cloud computing was instigated in the market there were very mixed views as to how it will help the future of the IT industry. There were proponents of the positive and negative outcomes of cloud computing in the industry. In hind sight this reaction...